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Zivid is a Norwegian machine vision technology company that designs and sells 3D-color cameras with vision software that are used in autonomous industrial robot cells, collaborative robot cells and other industrial automation systems. Zivid Two, a 3D industrial color camera supported by companion software products such as the Zivid Software Development Kit (SDK) and the Zivid Studio, a graphical user interface (GUI), is one of the company’s primary hardware products. And what a wonder this camera is!

Zivid Two

Zivid Two applications

Zivid Two brings human-like vision to your collaborative robotics and industrial automation systems. That’s quite a claim, but it‘s true. And in so doing it greatly helps customers ramp up efficiency and productivity in a range of applications, including:

  • De-palletizing
  • Bin-picking
  • Pick-and-place
  • Assembly
  • Packaging
  • Quality control

With capabilities like this, Zivid 3D machine vision is giving rise to the smarter factories and warehouses of Industry 4.0, which are now rising before our eyes.


On many fronts, the future of technological advancement clearly rests with robotics. The automation of anything that can be automated is becoming the holy grail of all major robotics companies. While there have been some extraordinary advances in robotics in recent years, it’s not easy to create machinery capable of performing many basic tasks, which is where Zivid has stepped in with the Zivid Two.

Most robots need cameras to use as their vision input, and with the rapid growth in pick-and-place robotics, the Zivid Two is poised to be a key part of this process. It is a compact high-performance 3D-color camera made primarily for machine-tending applications. The camera has super-high 3D precision and advanced artifact suppression to help reduce image noise.

Machine learning for precision

The Zivid Two has a high-capture speed to make it as precise as it can possibly be in everything it does. This greatly improves the camera’s performance and eliminates constraints that restrict most cameras from working in robotics. It also has a deep-learning AI and object-detection algorithms to improve the accuracy of grabbing and placing objects.

The Zivid Two has lightning fast 3D-image acquisition and capture time, making it much better than conventional 3D scanners used in most pick-and-place robotics. It also has a very flexible working window with a distance of 300mm to 1500mm and a field of view of 57 degrees and 35 degrees on the horizontal and vertical axes, respectively. These make the camera perfect for a wide range of on-arm stationary-mounted robot-guided applications. On top of this, weighing in at 880 grams, the Zivid Two is a lightweight, minimizing its impact on the robot’s maneuverability.

Zivid Two

Piece picking with the Zivid Two


Machine learning for precision

The Zivid Two has a high-capture speed to make it as precise as it can possibly be in everything it does. This greatly improves the camera’s performance and eliminates constraints that restrict most cameras from working in robotics. It also has a deep-learning AI and object-detection algorithms to improve the accuracy of grabbing and placing objects.

The Zivid Two has lightning fast 3D-image acquisition and capture time, making it much better than conventional 3D scanners used in most pick-and-place robotics. It also has a very flexible working window with a distance of 300mm to 1500mm and a field of view of 57 degrees and 35 degrees on the horizontal and vertical axes, respectively. These make the camera perfect for a wide range of on-arm stationary-mounted robot-guided applications. On top of this, weighing in at 880 grams, the Zivid Two is a lightweight, minimizing its impact on the robot’s maneuverability.

3D High Dynamic Range (HDR)

See a wide variety of objects

The unique combination of native color and high dynamic range enables imaging of a broad range of objects, including those that are:

  • Plastic
  • Ceramic
  • Metal
  • Cardboard
  • Wood
  • Colored
  • Textured
  • Light
  • Dark
  • Absorptive
Dynamic Range

The Zivid Two can work with single or mixed SKU bin scenarios, densely stacked or randomly arranged

Built tough

The Zivid Two gets used in some rugged industrial environments—but it stands up extremely well to the hard going. It comes in a magnesium housing and is dust and water-resistant, which greatly contributes to its durability. The Zivid Two can also withstand temperatures ranging from 0°C to 45°C and 15 G impacts.

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To learn more about the Zivid Two, or to get a quote, click here.




Matrox Iris GTX Enhanced Smart Cameras for Machine Vision at the Edge

Matrox 23

On May 19 Matrox Imaging announced the launch of the Matrox Iris GTX Enhanced Smart Cameras, the “next evolution” of smart cameras from this dynamic, Dorval, Quebec-based company that will hit the market in Q3 2021. The Matrox Iris GTX is a machine vision and deep learning edge IoT device designed to handle traditional machine vision operation and deep learning inference.

Higher resolution and faster processing

What makes the Matrox Iris GTX so special? For starters it boasts an Intel Atom x6000 series embedded processor that allows the Matrox Iris GTX to use higher-resolution complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) image sensors from two to 16 megapixels —which drives performance to unprecedented heights for a compact all-in-one vision system. The graphic below makes it clear just how much better the Matrox Iris GTX performs compared to its immediate predecessor, the Matrox Iris GTR.

matriox image 1

The performance boost derived from the Matrox Iris GTX’s processor and image sensors allow the cameras to capture high-resolution images at high speed, which translates to more detailed inspections that provide users with additional critical information.

Matrox Design Assistant® X1 software


Paired with flowchart-based Matrox Design Assistant® X1 software, engineers and technicians can quickly configure and deploy machine vision to the Matrox Iris GTX smart cameras. Video capture, analysis, classification, location, measurement, reading, verification, communication, and I/O operations—as well as a web-based operator interface—are all set up within the same software. With Matrox Design Assistant® X1 software you can choose from a wide variety of image processing and analysis tools including image classification using deep learning.

Matrox 13.png

The Matrox Iris GTX is pre-licensed for pattern recognition (PatternMatching step), feature extraction and analysis (BlobAnalysis step), 1D and 2D measurements (Measurement, BeadInspection, and Metrology steps), color analysis (ColorMatcher step; GTX…C model only), 1D and 2D code reading and verification (CodeReader and CodeGrade steps), 2D calibration, basic image processing (IntensityChecker, ImageProcessing, and EdgeLocator steps; not EdgeFinder), image compression, and industrial communication.

BlobAnalysis step in Matrox Design Assistant X used to identify, count, locate, and measure basic features and objects (i.e., blobs) to determine presence and position, and enable further inspection.

Built for harsh environments, ease of upgrade and use

Matrox Iris GTX smart cameras preserve the same small footprint and cabling connections as its immediate predecessor, for ease of upgrade and implementation. They feature a sturdy, compact IP67-rated housing and robust M12 connectors for their external interfaces, allowing them to operate in dusty, wet, and other demanding conditions. By offering the same footprint, connection options, and software platform as the Matrox Iris GTR, Matrox Imaging makes it easy to expand or upgrade an existing system. The Matrox Iris GTX line also features an interface for direct focus adjustment, as well as an LED lighting intensity control output for direct adjustments, directly through the on-device software.



Direct interfacing to automation devices

Another benefit of the Matrox Iris GTX smart cameras is that they also offer real-time digital I/Os for interfacing directly to automation devices. They provide GigE and USB ports, and a VGA video output to enable full integration within an automation cell or machine.


The Matrox Iris GTX is the “next evolution” of smart cameras from Matrox Imaging and will be available in Q3 2021. To learn more and request a quote, click here.


Press Release – Direct control: 65 MP cameras for Canon EF lenses

Baumer camera.jpg(06/01/2021) Two new 65 megapixel cameras enhance the Baumer portfolio of high-resolution and robust 10 GigE cameras of the LX series. Thanks to an integrated EF mount, Canon EF lenses are easily configured via Baumer GAPI, Baumer neoAPI, or third party software to allow the focus and the aperture to be dynamically matched to the applications. External accessories and associated cabling become completely unnecessary. This simplifies the integration and reduces costs while enhancing reliability. Dynamic lens control mainly benefits applications with varying operating distances and lighting situations, e.g., track-and-trace in pharmaceutical logistics. The serial production of the new models will commence in the 2nd quarter of 2021.

The high-quality Canon EF lenses deliver high-contrast images with great depth of field. The cameras also support modern lenses with ultrasound motors. These combine reduced power consumption with precise, low-noise, and very quick focus with high reliability for the cost-efficient and robust implementation of applications. Based on the GMAX3265 sensor from Gpixel, the cameras offer excellent image quality and a high dynamic range of 66 dB. A compact optical format with a diagonal of 37 mm is achieved by a small pixel size of only 3.2 µm. This reduces edge shadowing and simplifies the choice of lenses. Minimal exposure times of 19 µs reduce the motion artifacts of fast moving objects. Thanks to the 65 megapixel resolution, the number of required cameras for each application is often even cut in half to reduce system and integration costs as well as enhance reliability.

The 10 GigE cameras of the LX series are the ideal choice for demanding inspection tasks that place strict demands on both the image capture precision and throughput. They have an exceptionally high range of functions for solving demanding applications. These include Multi ROI, shading correction, HDR, precise time synchronization according to IEEE 1588, or the direct control of illumination without external controllers. Robust M12 plug connectors, IP 65 and IP 67 protection class, as well as a temperature range from -30 °C to 60 °C make the cameras especially well-suited for difficult ambient conditions, such as the analysis of motion sequences in outdoor sports or the inspection of overhead lines and pantographs in railway transportation. In addition, thanks to their 10 GigE interface they can be easily and inexpensively integrated, while the images can be efficiently transmitted with a high bandwidth of 1.1 GB/s, reducing the evaluation time.

More information about the LXT cameras: https://www.baumer.com/cameras/LXT

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Text and picture download at: www.baumer.com/press

Baumer Group

The Baumer Group is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of sensors, encoders, measuring instruments and components for automated image processing. Baumer combines innovative technologies and customer-oriented service into intelligent solutions for factory and process automation and offers an unrivalled wide technology and product portfolio. With around 2,700 employees and 39 subsidiaries in 19 countries, the family-owned group of companies is always close to the customer. Baumer provides clients in most diverse industries with vital benefits and measurable added value by worldwide consistent high quality standards and outstanding innovative potential. Learn more at www.baumer.com on the internet. 

Press contact:

Nicole Marofsky

Marketing Communication

Baumer Group

Phone +49 (0)3528 43 86 19

Fax +49 (0)3528 43 86 86



Company contact global:

Baumer Group

Phone +41 (0)52 728 11 22

Fax +41 (0)52 728 11 44



Photo: The new 65 MP cameras with integrated EF mount allow the dynamic adjustment of focus and aperture with varying working distances or illumination conditions.



North Atlantic Industries Announces New SOSA™ Aligned, VITA 62, 6U VPX AC/DC Power Supply Unit (VPX56H2-6)


BOHEMIA, NY – April 2021 — North Atlantic Industries, Inc. (NAI), a leading supplier of embedded computing solutions and power supplies, announces the availability of the VPX56H2-6 1,400-Watt Ruggedized, Programmable Power Supply. Designed to meet the many harsh environmental requirements of rugged military and aerospace applications, NAI’s VPX56H2-6 is a 1,400-Watt AC/DC Power Supply that plugs directly into a standard 6U VPX chassis with a VITA 62, 1.0” power supply slot. This off-the-shelf solution for VITA 46.0 and VITA 65 systems is compatible with VPX specifications; supports all VITA standard I/O, signals, and features; and conforms to the VITA 62 mechanical and electrical requirements for modular power supplies. The VPX56H2-6 is conduction-cooled through the card edge/wedgelock. It operates at full load through the entire -40°C to +85°C temperature range, accepts 3Ø AC or +270 VDC input and provides up to five outputs and I/O at up to 1,400 Watts. Output configurations include Standard VITA 62 and SOSA™ Aligned, +12V Only (with +3.3VDC_Aux)and +12V Heavy configurations. In addition, the VPX56H2 contains Integrated IPMC, with Dual Bus IPMB-A, IPMB-B.

Additional standard features include continuous Background Built-in-Test (BIT), remote error sensing and protection against transients, over-voltage, over-current, and short circuits. With its intelligent design, the VPX56H2-6 also has the flexibility to address special needs and includes current share and alignment keys for input and output configurations. The VPX56H2 is compliant with MIL-STD-810H and VITA47 as well as MIL-STD-704F, MIL-STD-461F.

“We are delighted to be teaming with wolfSSL to offer embedded security in our growing portfolio of rugged COTS SBC’s,” says Lino Massafra, VP of Sales and Marketing. “North Atlantic Industries takes security seriously and is working hard to protect our solutions against cyber threats. Aligning with wolfSSL helps achieve this.”

“The VPX56H2-6 is a high-power density Power Supply which accepts 3Ø AC or +270 VDC input and provides multiple output configurations up to 1,400 Watts, the highest (VITA Power Supply) available from NAI today,” said Lou Garofolo – Product Manager, Power Division. “It is the latest in a complete line of 3U & 6U VPX AC/DC power supplies that support some of today’s harsh environmental requirements and demanding system power requirements.”

NAI is a leading independent supplier of embedded computing, Input/Output, communications, measurement, simulation, power and systems products for commercial, industrial and military applications built on a Configurable Open Systems Architecture™ (COSA®). COSA offers the greatest modularity, flexibility, adaptability and configurability in the industry that accelerates our customers’ time-to-mission. COSA supports a Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) that delivers the best of both worlds: custom solutions from COTS components with No NRE. For over 50 years, companies like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman and Raytheon have leveraged NAI’s capabilities to meet the demanding requirements of a wide range of processing, I/O and communication-centric applications, and do so with uncompromising quality, efficiency and responsiveness. Information about NAI and its products can be found at integrys.com




Driven by rapid advancement and lower costs, Ethernet is becoming the standard for IP-based components in a wide range of military and commercial applications, including:

  • Armored ground vehicles
  • Land autonomous vehicles (UGVs)
  • Robots
  • Mobile equipment fielded in harsh environments

Key Benefits

  • The MILTECH 9116’s 10-gigabit speeds and 24VDC power make it instantly compatible with the network device and power systems.
  • The MILTECH 9116’s is widely used in battlefield communications C4ISR, video, sensor data acquisition, and transmission.
  • Its mechanical packaging enhancements, including ruggedized D38999 connectors, are designed for MIL-STD-810F airborne and ground environmental compliance and high reliability.
  • Leveraging best-in-class switching technology from Techaya, the MILTECH 9116 serves as a robust commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution for rugged LAN connectivity.

New Product released from TECHAYA MILTECH™



The MILTECH M128 is a small, rugged, 128 GB USB 3.0 portable local data storage drive. It includes two flash memories, double write and read speed with Raid-0, optional data protection with Raid-1 and inhibits status indication via external GPIO.

Its pin shell’s scoop-proof is designed with blind insert capability uses polarity to help guide insertion in places not easily viewed.

The unit has been tested to withstand vibrations of up to 11.5 GRMS per MIL-STD-810G.

It is ideal for securely uploading data or downloading data from computers and storage devices on defense and combat systems such as:

  • Portable computers
  • Navigation devices
  • Communication systems
  • Defense systems
  • Combat vehicles, avionic and shipboard systems


Matrox Imaging Honored By Vision Systems Design 2020 Innovators Awards Program

Matrox AltiZ 3D profile sensors take gold in prestigious international competition

MONTREAL, Quebec—16 June 2020—Matrox® Imaging, established and trusted supplier to top machine vision OEMs and integrators for more than 40 years, announced today that its recently introduced Matrox AltiZ 3D profile sensors were recognized among the best in machine vision today by the judges of the Vision Systems Design 2020 Innovators Awards program. The judging panel consisted of esteemed experts from system integrator and end-user companies.

Engineered for excellence in reproduction fidelity
Matrox AltiZ is a series of high-fidelity 3D profile sensors, each featuring a dual-camera single-laser design that greatly lessens scanning gaps encountered at critical surface junctures because of optical occlusions. Unique algorithms running inside the sensor automatically generate various type of reliable 3D data in the form of individual profiles, depth maps, or point clouds.

Designed and optimized for inspection, measurement, and guidance tasks, these unique 3D profile sensors use the principle of laser triangulation to generate faithful digital representation of an object or scene in three dimensions. This allows the Matrox AltiZ to capably perform surface inspections, part identification, gap and flush evaluation, bead inspection and measurement, and inline metrology, among other applications.

Perfect triangulation of performance, price, and innovation
Matrox AltiZ distinguish themselves from other 3D profile sensors in several crucial manners. Their unique dual-camera design achieves what common 3D profile sensors cannot match with one laser and a single camera. Dealing with occlusions using single-camera 3D profile sensors necessitates two sensors installed head to head, whereas Matrox AltiZ attains superior image fidelity owing to its dual-camera architecture. This design likewise permits Matrox AltiZ to work in either synchronized or alternate fashion; the former mode provides maximum reproduction quality and robustness, while the latter delivers a scanning rate almost twice that of the former while still defending against occlusion. A standard GigE Vision® interface with GenICam™ extensions was implemented to ensure interoperability with as wide a range of Matrox Imaging-branded and third-party machine vision software and controllers as possible, so as not to tie users to a proprietary interface and associated hardware and software. Finally, an embedded algorithm running directly inside each Matrox AltiZ sensor ensures greater control over spurious data—such as from reflections of the laser beam line—and results in more robust 3D reproductions. The embedded processing with data fusion avoids the additional computational demands when using common 3D profile sensors to combat the occlusion phenomena.

Award-winning Matrox AltiZ 3D profile sensors are ideally suited for markets such as automotive manufacturing, electronics and semiconductor production, wood inspection, food and beverage production and packaging, logistics and warehousing, consumer goods inspection, medical device manufacturing, and pharmaceutical production.

“The Vision Systems Design team would like to congratulate Matrox Imaging for their score in the 2020 Innovators Awards program,” says John Lewis, Editor in Chief, Vision Systems Design. “Each year this unbiased and increasingly competitive program aims to celebrate the most innovative products and systems in machine vision. The Matrox Imaging team should be very proud.”

“We are honored that the Matrox AltiZ’s innovative attributes were recognized by Vision Systems Design,” says Laval Tremblay, vice-president of engineering, Matrox Imaging. “Designed expressly to meet market demand for exceptional 3D reproduction fidelity, these unique 3D sensors are testament to significant research and development from our team of engineers. Matrox Imaging is thrilled to count this series in our renowned product lineup.”

Matrox AltiZ will begin shipping in July 2020.

About The Vision Systems Design 2020 Innovators Awards program
The Vision Systems Design 2020 Innovators Awards program reviews and recognized the most innovative products and services in the vision and image processing industry. High-scoring companies were announced via webcast on June 16. Criteria used in the Innovators Awards ranking included: originality, innovation; impact on designers, systems integrators and end-users; fulfilling a need in the market that hasn’t been addressed, leveraging a novel technology, and increasing productivity.

About Vision Systems Design
Published since 1996, Vision Systems Design is a global resource for engineers, engineering managers and systems integrators that provides comprehensive global coverage of vision systems technologies, applications, and markets. Vision Systems Design’s magazine, website (www.visionsystems.com) , email newsletters and webcasts report on and analyze the latest technology and business developments and trends in the worldwide machine vision and image processing industry.

About Matrox Imaging
Matrox Imaging is an established and trusted supplier to top OEMs and integrators involved in machine vision, image analysis, and medical imaging industries. The components consist of smart cameras, 3D sensors, vision controllers, I/O cards, and frame grabbers, all designed to provide optimum price-performance within a common software environment. For more information, visit www.matrox.com/imaging.

Matrox imaging available in Canada through partner Integrys, www.integrys.com.

Matrox Imaging lasers in, announcing the launch of high-fidelity 3D profile sensors

Matrox AltiZ delivers exceptional 3D reproduction fidelity with a standard GigE Vision interface

Matrox® Imaging is proud to launch Matrox AltiZ, a new series of 3D profile sensors offering superior three-dimensional reproduction fidelity. A unique design and novel embedded algorithms create an exceptionally elegant solution for combating occlusion effects at critical surface junctures. The Matrox AltiZ series provides a range of optimized features:

Unique dual-camera single-laser design delivers exceptionally high 3D reproduction fidelity by counteracting occlusions.
Standard GigE Vision® interface with GenICam™ extensions for seamless interoperability with machine vision software from Matrox Imaging and third-party providers.
Embedded algorithms to generate consistent profiles, depth maps, or point clouds.
IP67-rated aluminum housing, M12 connectors, and multiple fastening points for easy installation on gantries and robots in tough industrial environments.
Option to operate the integrated image sensors in synchronized or alternating fashion for either maximum reproduction quality or almost double the scanning speed.
Simplified cabling with support for Power-over-Ethernet (PoE).
Matrox Capture Works interactive utility for Windows® and Linux® that streamlines sensor setup and verification.


Integrys New Supplier: Techaya

New Supplier: Techaya Rugged Design


TECHAYA is a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of rugged MIL-STD IP-based communications solutions for ground, air and naval applications. They offer a broad range of Ethernet switches, routers, USB hubs and media converters for the military and aerospace applications.
“We see Techaya as a technical leader in Ethernet switches, routers, and USB hub products for military and aerospace applications. We are thrilled to begin working with Techaya as their Canadian partner”
Wayne Mason, General Manager, Vice President, Integrys Ltd.
“We are confident that Integrys are the perfect match to introduce Techaya products to the Canadian market, placing the same value on engineering capabilities and innovation”.
– Zak Sucher, Business Development Manager, Techaya

Techaya: Miltech Product Lineup

Browse top Techaya products
MILTECH™ 402 features mechanical packaging enhancements designed for MIL-STD-810F airborne and ground environmental compliance and high reliability. The unit has been especially hardened to improve ingress, impact, and shock/vibration protection. Passive cooling allows for the elimination of moving parts. Sealed connectors ensure protection against water and dust.
The MILTECH410 outfits soldiers in the digital battlefield with a lightweight, fully integrated infantry combat ISPDS systems. Techaya offers a range of lightweight adaptable systems that are ideally suited for frontline forces in the most complex modern battlefield scenarios.
Modern platforms contain dozens of network devices that must be interconnected. The MILTECH 907 is an ideal solution for mobile Ethernet-equipped platforms. With the best combination of size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C) in the industry, it saves valuable real estate for computers, sensors, targeting systems, and other devices that make mobile platforms highly effective.
Techaya military rugged serial over USB unit MILTECH 16SER, enables one way data transmission for securing information breach from classified networks to unclassified domains. The portable rugged Serial unit was developed specifically for new cyber threats existing in today’s networks, providing new security features and capabilities for protecting critical systems.


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