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About Us

For more than 50 years, Integrys has been the industry leader in selecting and evaluating rugged and embedded computers, imaging and video technology and engineering solutions. The Integrys “seal of approval” is your assurance of proven value. These solutions include not only COTS products, but associated support and engineering services of value to our customers.

A subsidiary of Allan Crawford Associates Ltd. since 1997, Integrys has specialized in connecting technology with innovation. This means we manage relationships with a select group of respected manufacturers, and maintain an in-house engineering and design team skilled in system integration and custom engineering. By focusing exclusively on rugged and embedded computers and imaging and video technology, we have cross-sector insight into the latest proven “leapfrog” technologies.

Integrys’ customers are the companies that work—and succeed—in the most demanding and complex sectors. Our commitment is as follows: we listen, and we respond—with innovative solutions. That means that through the effective and efficient use of technology, our customers can optimize their productivity, control their costs, increase their performance, and maintain their competitive advantage.