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INNO-SPEC has been developing and manufacturing hyperspectral imaging (HSI) systems for industrial applications since 2005. Their products have been among the industry pioneers since the beginning, and they continue to set standards in terms of quality and reliability to this day. System integrators and laboratory users around the world value their expertise in hyperspectral imaging and have confidence in the accuracy and performance of their technologies. The fields of application of hyperspectral imaging are almost limitless. Regardless of your industry – whether recycling, food industry or manufacturing: HSI solutions from INNO-SPEC offer essential added value everywhere. INNO-SPEC’s solutions help one optimize their processes, guarantee the best quality of their products and increase their efficiency.

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  • The BlueEye is a pushbroom HSI camera that expands the common spectral range to include UV, covering UV-A, UV-B and UV-C, making it suitable for biotechnology, forensics and medical technology. It can detect invisible contamination on surfaces and is suitable for ingredient analysis and cellular diagnostics. Questions and comments are welcome at the manufacturer.

    BlueEye – UV Hyperspectral Camera is a camera with 220-380 nm wavelength, back-illuminated sCMOS sensor, USB 3.1 interface, cooling options, 40 fps @ 2048 x 2048 pixels, free of periodical calibration of optical path components, and excellent optical imaging performance.

  • Very precise colour data is recorded with the GreenEye Visible NIR hyperspectral imaging camera. In contrast to colour cameras, it reproduces spectral information in more than 1000 bands. It combines the visible and NIR spectrums, allowing conclusions to be drawn regarding chemical characteristics, including material properties.

    Here are some of its main attributes:

    • Transmission grating configuration for superior sensitivity
    • High spatial and spectral resolution
    • Excellent imaging performance
    • Robust design without moving parts
    • Compact design


  • RedEye – NIR Hyperspectral Camera from INNO-Spec is a line of push-broom HSI cameras for the near-infrared (NIR) spectrum that can operate in wavelengths between 950 and 2200 nm. It is available in four versions with varying wavelength ranges and offers real-time in-line monitoring, even on fast-moving objects.

    RedEye NIR HS Cameras offer various wavelength ranges, excellent photosensitivity, GigE Vision Interface, parallel colour image recording, best optical image quality, and are maintenance-free.

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