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GreenEye: Visible NIR Hyperspectral Imaging Camera

GreenEye: Visible NIR Hyperspectral Imaging Camera

Very precise colour data is recorded with the GreenEye Visible NIR hyperspectral imaging camera. In contrast to colour cameras, it reproduces spectral information in more than 1000 bands. It combines the visible and NIR spectrums, allowing conclusions to be drawn regarding chemical characteristics, including material properties.

Here are some of its main attributes:

  • Transmission grating configuration for superior sensitivity
  • High spatial and spectral resolution
  • Excellent imaging performance
  • Robust design without moving parts
  • Compact design


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GreenEye – Visible NIR Hyperspectral Imaging Camera:

GreenEye from INNO-Spec is versatile for a variety of applications.

This Visible NIR hyperspectral imaging camera, GreenEye, is used to capture extremely accurate colour data. It reproduces spectral information in more than 1000 bands, unlike colour cameras. It blends the visible and NIR spectral ranges, enabling inferences about chemical traits including material qualities. This enables, for example, the control of color accuracy in textiles, printed products or electronic components while simultaneously collecting surface properties or coating information. The technology combines real-time image data analysis with exceptional spectral and spatial resolution at an unmatched price-performance ratio. Thanks to its compact and lightweight design, the camera is also particularly versatile and flexible in use.

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Key Features of GreenEye – Visible NIR Hyperspectral Imaging Cameras:

  • 400 … 1000 nm wavelength range
  • superior low light sensitivity
  • GigE Vision interface
  • 54 fps @ 1312 x 1082 pixels (max. sensor resolution)
  • free of periodical calibration of optical path components
  • industrial-proven rugged design
  • excellent optical imaging performance
  • designed without moving mechanical parts


Application Fields:

Visible NIR Hyperspectral Imaging Camera recycle applications



Recycling Industry:

Whether it is household waste, construction waste or industrial waste: For an efficient circular economy, raw materials must be automatically and quickly removed from the waste stream and be sorted by type. HSI cameras from INNO-SPEC can provide support in this: They detect classes of material, coatings, contaminations and more.

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NIR Hyperspectral Camera food applications



Food processing industry:

Mechanical cultivation and harvesting methods as well as global transport and supply chains present the entire food processing industry with new challenges. HSI cameras from INNO-SPEC help with quality assurance: For example, they can track down foreign bodies, measure the composition of ingredients, or find spoiled items.

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NIR Hyperspectral Camera process control



Process control:

In many industries, constant control of all production processes is essential to ensure the quality of intermediate and final products. It allows objective 100% control of all goods in real-time. They detect ingredients, material identities, surface properties and much more.

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Technical Specifications:


Spectral range:

typ. 400 to 1000 nm


85 nm/mm

Spectral resolution:

10 nm (with 80 μm slit)

Spatial resolution:

rms spot radius < 35 μm




< 30 μm



Slit width, default:

80 μm (others on request)




CMOS enhanced in VNIR range

Pixels in full frame:

1312 x 1082

Pixel size:

8 μm x 8 μm

Bit depth:

12 bit

Frame rate:

up to 54 fps at full resolution (8 bit)

Data interface/ Camera control:

Gigabit Ethernet

Power consumption:

< 4.8 W

Power supply:

12 V DC


Operating Conditions:

Temperature (operating):

0 °C to + 50 °C

Temperature (storage):

-10 °C to + 50 °C



Dimensions l x w x h:

236 x 50 x 46 mm


2 kg

Lens mount:

Standard C-mount

Please note that any specs are subject to change without notice.

As a well-established manufacturer of spectroscopic measurement equipment, inno-spec provides optimized solutions for any individual applications: from customized OEM components for system suppliers up to fully integrated turnkey solutions for the end-user.

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