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RedEye: NIR Hyperspectral Camera

RedEye: NIR Hyperspectral Camera

RedEye – NIR Hyperspectral Camera from INNO-Spec is a line of push-broom HSI cameras for the near-infrared (NIR) spectrum that can operate in wavelengths between 950 and 2200 nm. It is available in four versions with varying wavelength ranges and offers real-time in-line monitoring, even on fast-moving objects.

RedEye NIR HS Cameras offer various wavelength ranges, excellent photosensitivity, GigE Vision Interface, parallel colour image recording, best optical image quality, and are maintenance-free.


RedEye – NIR Hyperspectral Camera:

RedEye from INNO-Spec is versatile for a variety of applications.

These NIR Hyperspectral Cameras can operate in wavelengths between 950 and 2200 nm.

We provide a line of push-broom HSI cameras for the near-infrared (NIR) spectrum under the brand name RedEye. They offer chemical details on various substances, including plastics, food, medications, and garbage. The device records details like material class, chemicals, or coatings that are invisible to the naked eye. In-line process control and sorting systems are two applications for it.

Depending on the area of application, the RedEye is available in four versions with

varying wavelength ranges:

RedEye 1.7 (950 to 1700 nm)

RedEye 1.7 High Res (950 to 1700 nm)

RedEye 1.9 (1040 to 1900 nm)

RedEye 2.2. (1200 to 2200 nm).

We will be happy to advise you on which model is best suited to your individual needs.

Thanks to high measurement rates, exceptional spectral and spatial resolution, and a flexibly adjustable field of view, the RedEye series enables real-time in-line monitoring, even on fast-moving objects. In combination with the ColEx adapter, which combines the RGB data with the NIR signal, parallel recording of colour information is also possible. Once installed, all RedEye cameras consistently deliver fast and reliable results – and at an unbeatable value for money.


Key Features of RedEye – NIR Hyperspectral Cameras:

  • Various wavelength ranges available (950 to 2200 nm)
  • Outstandingly good photosensitivity
  • GigE Vision Interface
  • For use in industrial and laboratory environments (IP65, IP67)
  • Regular calibration of the optical components is not required
  • Parallel colour image recording with ColEx Adapter and RGB camera (optional)
  • Best optical image quality
  • Free of moving components and therefore “maintenance-free”


Application Fields:

Hyperspectral Camera recycle applications



Recycling Industry:

Whether it is household waste, construction waste or industrial waste: For an efficient circular economy, raw materials must be automatically and quickly removed from the waste stream and be sorted by type. HSI cameras from INNO-SPEC can provide support in this: They detect classes of material, coatings, contaminations and more.

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NIR Hyperspectral Camera food applications



Food processing industry:

Mechanical cultivation and harvesting methods as well as global transport and supply chains present the entire food processing industry with new challenges. HSI cameras from INNO-SPEC help with quality assurance: For example, they can track down foreign bodies, measure the composition of ingredients, or find spoiled items.

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NIR Hyperspectral Camera process control



Process control:

In many industries, constant control of all production processes is essential to ensure the quality of intermediate and final products. It allows objective 100% control of all goods in real-time. They detect ingredients, material identities, surface properties and much more.

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Technical Specifications:

NIR Hyperspectral Camera Specifications

HS Electronics Specifications

HS Operating Conditions

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