3D Machine Vision

3 Ways to Kickstart your 3D Machine Vision Project

3D machine vision

In a 3D machine vision system, the target object image is no longer just a flat picture. Now it’s a three-dimensional point cloud of precise coordinates where the position of every pixel in space is known. It simultaneously provides X, Y and Z plane data along with respective rotational information (around each of the axes) as well.


This 3rd dimension of Data is ideal for applications such as:

  • Thickness, height and volume measurement
  • Dimensioning and space management
  • Measuring shapes, holes, angles, and curves
  • Detection of surface or assembly defects
  • Quality control and verification against 3D CAD models
  • Robot guidance and surface tracking (e.g., for welding, gluing, deburring, and more)
  • Bin picking for placing, packing or assembly
  • Object scanning and digitization

Download an e-book

Download our latest eBook, Solving Pick and Place Automation Challenges with industrial 3D machine vision, for free. This eBook includes 6 industrial automation challenges and how to solve them with 3D machine vision solutions.

Download an e-book

Book an online demo

Schedule a free 3D camera demo with our vision engineers! Let us show you a quick demo of what you can expect from Zivid 3D machine vision cameras tailored to meet your specific business requirements.

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Purchase a development kit

Now, you can buy a Zivid developer kit bundle to kickstart your 3D vision automation project. Whether it’s bin-picking, piece picking, or machine tending related – the dev kit bundle makes it easy to design stationary or on-arm robot-based picking cells.

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3D machine vision

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