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Engineered Products

Integrys produces many customized engineering technology products, including Rugged Rackmount Computers, Machine Vision Systems and CCTV & Surveillance Systems.

Rugged Rackmount Computers

These are divided into three basic lines:

  1. Value Line (for the price conscious)
  2. Compact Line (small in size, highly specialized niche)
  3. Performance Line (high-end processing)

To decide which line best suits your company’s needs, see the chart below:

Rugged Rackmount Computers by Integrys


Feature Value Compact Performance
Cost Effective
High-End Processing
Large Storage Capacity
Removable Storage
Short Depth
3-year Warranty
Configuration Control


Machine Vision Systems

Integrys provides OEMs and system-integration customers with both hardware- and software-vision subassemblies. These include smart cameras, and high-speed, high-resolution, and line-scan machine-vision subassemblies for quality control, measurement, and various other applications. 

CCTV & Surveillance Systems

Integrys provides advanced CCTV and surveillance products and systems for borders, and for military and law enforcement applications.