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Zebra’s acquisition of Matrox Imaging lets you tackle any vision application with a single portfolio of hardware and software.

Today’s supply chain, manufacturing and distribution challenges require innovative automation solutions that do more than accelerate your operations. And that’s exactly what Zebra’s acquisition of Matrox Imaging delivers: a combined portfolio of machine vision and fixed industrial scanning solutions with the flexibility, simplicity and value you need to carry your operations into the future.

  1. Scale for Any Application and Any Specification:
    Merging Matrox Imaging’s vision tools into Zebra’s portfolio creates a single platform that can solve any vision challenge, from simple track-and-trace to complex inspection, recognition and guidance tasks. This powerful new combination creates the industry’s widest, most flexible ecosystem of vision hardware and software, allowing you to effortlessly scale up with single-supplier simplicity.
  2. Install and Deploy with Ease:
    Zebra’s interoperable and streamlined vision tools are easy to install, command a smaller footprint and integrate with third-party or existing systems, so you can create a truly connected environment—with minimal investment and downtime.
  3. Future-Proof with Confidence:
    Zebra’s comprehensive vision portfolio combines effortlessly to evolve at the pace of your business. From hardware to software, Zebra’s products deliver the flexibility, expandability and integration you need to ensure product longevity and maximize ROI.

    Integrys supports Zebra’s entire portfolio of vision solutions, including a wide range of machine vision cameras and fixed scanners for any application.

Flexible. Expandable. Integrated.

A comprehensive suite of vision software solutions

Zebra’s acquisition of Matrox Imaging creates an industry-leading portfolio of Zebra Aurora vision software products that enable users of all experience levels to solve their track-and-trace and vision inspection needs. Experienced users appreciate how easy it is to develop, refine and customize jobs, while first-time users take advantage of step-by-step guidance to develop powerful applications for a wide range of industries.

  • Aurora Focus:
    Aurora Focus runs on Zebra’s fixed scanners and smart cameras and comes ready-made for specific tasks like barcode reading and verification, OCR, and presence/absence inspection.
  • Aurora Vision Library:
    Designed for experienced programmers, Aurora Vision Library presents the sophisticated functionality of Aurora Vision Studio in a programming language.
  • Aurora Vision Studio:
    Aurora Vision Studio software enables machine and computer vision engineers to quickly create, integrate and monitor powerful vision applications without writing a single line of code.
  • Aurora Imaging Library:
    Aurora Imaging Library, formerly Matrox Imaging Library, is a software development kit (SDK) with a deep collection of image capture, processing, analysis, annotation, display and archiving tools.
  • Aurora Design Assistant:
    Aurora Design Assistant, formerly Matrox Design Assistant, is an integrated development environment (IDE) that offers a flowchart-based platform for building applications.

Connecting Technology and Innovation:

Over the past 50 years, Integrys has become the trusted source of imaging and video solutions for the aerospace, defense, healthcare, manufacturing, public safety, telecom and transportation industries. As a Zebra partner, we have the strategic insight and technical savvy to help you deploy industry-leading vision solutions with the power to transform your operations.


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