Exploring the Future of Automation at ETAC 2023: Join Integrys at Caesars Windsor

The world of automation is evolving at an unprecedented pace, and the Emerging Technologies in Automation Conference & Trade Show (ETAC) is your gateway to the latest innovations and trends. On November 2, 2023, at Caesars Windsor in Windsor-Essex, Ontario, Integrys is set to take center stage, presenting cutting-edge solutions and insights that define the future of automation.

Windsor-Essex: A Hub for Automation Excellence

Windsor-Essex, Ontario, is an international hub for automation, boasting over 300 companies actively involved in engineering, designing, and producing advanced manufacturing systems across diverse sectors such as automotive, agribusiness, aerospace, and more. It’s a region that’s leading the way in automation trends, with a focus on optimizing Industry 4.0 and embracing the next generation of technologies. Through strategic collaborations with private industry, government, and educational institutions, Windsor-Essex aims to remain a global leader in automation.

Unlocking Opportunities in Automation

Automation is reshaping the world we live in, and it’s important to explore the opportunities it presents for Canada and the Windsor-Essex region. ETAC 2023 provides a platform to connect with automation companies, interact with industry experts, and discover potential suppliers of cutting-edge technologies. With over 350 delegates, 50 exhibitors, and industry experts focusing on innovative and emerging technologies, this event is where the future of automation unfolds.

Integrys: Pioneering Automation Solutions

Integrys, an industry leader in evaluating and distributing rugged and embedded computers, imaging and video technology, and engineering solutions, will be at ETAC 2023 to showcase the latest advancements in automation and technology. Visitors can gain valuable insights into the implementation of Industry 4.0, explore tailored engineering Machine Vision solutions, and witness the Integrys’ Machine Vision Kit in action.

Join Us at ETAC 2023

Save the date and join us on November 2, 2023, at Caesars Windsor for an unforgettable experience at ETAC 2023. Stay connected with Integrys for more updates on our participation in the event, and be part of the automation revolution shaping the future of manufacturing and technology.

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