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Engineering Support

Integrys will design an implementation support package to meet your needs. We custom design your support program, whether you need on-site support to ensure a smooth transition of your business, or the on-call ability to access our expertise to solve technical pain and meet business challenges as they arise. To ensure your support requirements are custom tailored to your business needs, Integrys offers these technical engineering support options:

A Bank Of On-Call Engineering Hours

Available in 10- and 25-hour packages, you’ll have the assured availability of a designated on-call engineer familiar with your project. Call day or night, and you’ll have access to your support person—guaranteed to return your call within 90 minutes. From that point, you get whatever is required to solve your problem—including on-site visits, and engineering support after business hours or on weekends. The level of expertise available to you includes the ability to write software code, design hardware interfaces, and troubleshoot complete systems including power and communication protocols.

Scheduled On-Site Support

During initial implementation and on-site testing, you will know when you need support at your facility. Scheduled engineering resources can include a single engineer over the duration, or several for a short period of time. This level of on-site support enables you to quickly address operational issues as they arise, while allowing you to carefully plan your phased implementation. Support packages covering after-business hours, weekends, and holidays are also available.

Scheduled Depot Support

When you don’t need our engineers on site, but require top-level support, the most effective way to ensure you get the attention needed is through the Integrys workshop. The breadth of knowledge of our technical engineering support team ensures rapid troubleshooting, solution sourcing/development, and hardware/firmware/software modifications as needed. Packages covering after-business hours, weekends, and holidays are also available.

Regular Operational Updates

You can arrange for monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly reviews of operational efficiency. Our support team will run comprehensive diagnostics to ensure that your solution is functioning to meet expectations. We’ll perform pro-active optimization and performance-enhancing modifications, and conduct predictive maintenance, to accurately forecast Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) and the expected lifespan of field systems.

Obsolescence Management and Re-Configuration Services

The technology world changes rapidly. Integrys can couple engineering support with advanced inventory management to control technology changes pragmatically. This reduces downtime to accommodate technology updates, and keeps your system as current as needed.