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Established in 2008, Karlsruhe-based autoVimation was founded by Peter Neuhaus to provide solutions for easier installation and adjustment of image processing components. The company has developed a modular construction kit that simplifies the connection of all required components, which does away with costly and time-consuming manufacturing of dedicated mounting brackets. The product portfolio also includes compact, easy-to-integrate enclosures that provide optimal protection for cameras and lenses in industrial applications, and ensure good heat dissipation. autoVimation supplies complete, ready-to-install mechanical solutions for cameras and light fittings, and enables the integration of special lenses, filters, light barriers, encoders, or other sensors.

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  • IP67 protection for compact MV cameras up to 40 x 40mm cross section

    • Robust build: aluminium extrusion profile.
    • Small form factor: only 66 x 66mm cross section, easy to integrate into existing machines.
    • Flexible camera positioning: angle and position.
    • Dovetail profiles enable robust enclosure mounting: on all 4 sides along the entire profile.
    • Mounting brackets resist a displacement force of up to 2000N! Simple adjustment of working distance.
  • IP66 Protection for compact cameras with 29 x 29mm or 30 x 30mm cross section

    • Robust built: aluminium extrusion profile.
    • Small form factor: cross section only 50 x 50mm – adding only 10mm around a 30 x 30mm camera!
    • Weight of the enclosure just over 400g: ideal for light weight applications.
    • Flexible camera positioning: camera lens mounts directly behind the front window.
    • Robust enclosure mounting: fixation on all four sides along the entire profile possible. Simple adjustment of working distance.
    • Compatible with dovetail accessories: with help of an adapter bracket.


Showing all 2 results