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Perception Park

Perception Park is a company with a passion for Hyperspectral Imaging and the focus on generic and configurable hyperspectral data processing solutions for industrial inline applications.

Our unique technology Chemical Colour Imaging (CCI) makes complex hyperspectral data on a molecular level usable for machine vision. Hyperspectral imaging systems combined with our generic, intuitive configurable data processing platform, Perception System, make the scientific methods of hyperspectral analysis accessible for everyone and open up new application areas.

Chemical Colour Imaging is typically applied to industrial purposes by solution providers such as mechanical engineers. For them, CCI means greater independence from external technology suppliers and, thus, greater independence regarding bespoke applications. Since a Perception system allows easy configuration of applications without new programming effort for each adjustment, existing applications can be modified easily and quickly.

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    • Additional normalization option
    • Case Discrimination modelling
    • Camera Characteristics editor
    • Direct acquisition from cameras – offline applications enabled
    • Extended camera support: HySpex, Allied Vision, Specim, Inno-Spec and Ximea


    • Configuration data sets for camera systems by applying highly abstracted and plain statistical methods
    • Simple and intuitive handling of hyperspectral data
    • Novel classifications of chemical and molecular information by using image processing methods
    • Interpretation and processing of chemical and physical properties as relative information (expressed by colours)
    • Ratings of distributions of chemical and physical information by using image processing methods.



    • The Perception System transforms sensor raw signals into corrected, standardised hyperspectral cube data allowing the intermediate operation of your hyperspectral system.
    • Due our solutions can be intuitively configured for endless applications, the Perception System saves you time and money for the development expertise.
    • No need for consulting experts allows to develop your own know-how and to protect it.
    • One data processing for various hyperspectral cameras.


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