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Matrox GE1900C* Gatoreye 1900 IP67 Camera

Matrox GE1900C* Gatoreye 1900 IP67 Camera

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Matrox GatorEye 1900 camera with 1280×960 @ 22fps 1/3″ color CCD.

Designed for harsh industrial environments
The Matrox GatorEye IP67-rated GigE Vision® industrial camera family is
designed for use in damp and dusty environments such as glass bottle
manufacturing, or environments where the processing equipment is subject to
frequent wash down such as food and beverage plants. The Matrox GatorEye is
fully integrated, eliminating the need to separately source a sealed camera
housing. Moreover, the housing provides easy access to the lens, avoiding the
hassle of having to remove the whole camera from a sealed housing to adjust
the lens.

Flexible power options
The Matrox GatorEye camera can operate on a separate 12 to 24 Volt input,
the latter the most typically found in electrical cabinets on plant floors.
Cabling is further simplified by making use of a camera’s Power-over-
Ethernet (PoE) capability, which enables power and data transmission over a
single cable.

Versatile Connectivity
The Matrox GatorEye offers numerous I/Os for controlling all aspects of image
capture. An opto-isolated trigger input with associated debouncing circuitry
enables to directly synchronize image capture with external events. A strobe
output enables the control of scene illuminators. A controlled current source
output is also provided for directly driving a LED illuminator, eliminating the
need for a separate controller, which reduces costs and simplifies integration.
In addition, the Matrox GatorEye offers eight GPIOs for directly interacting with
other automation devices.

– IP67 rated housing
– PoE capable
– 12-24 volt operation
– VGA to 2 Mpixel CCD sensors
– Monochrome and color
– Opto-coupled trigger and strobe
– 8 GPIOs
– controlled current source for powering
– LED illuminators directly
– Royalty-free use of Matrox Imaging
– Library (MIL) driver for GigE Vision®

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