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Diamond Pluto SBC – PLT-945RK-1G

Diamond Pluto SBC – PLT-945RK-1G

Diamond Pluto SBC PLT-945RK-1G, 1.66GHz Core Duo LV CPU, 2GB RAM, data acquisition, wide voltage input

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Diamond Pluto SBC, 1.66GHz Core Duo LV CPU with 1GB RAM

PLUTO SINGLE BOARD COMPUTER ETX Form-factor Embedded Platform with Configurable CPU and PC/104-Plus Expansion

Pluto is a high performance, highly integrated board-level embedded computer matching the footprint of the popular ETX computer-on-module (COM) standard.

Pluto’s CPU core consists of an ETX CPU module mounted on its bottom side, an approach that improves thermal management and increases the space for I/O functions and connectors. This innovative design has enabled Pluto to integrate additional serial and Ethernet controllers, a complete set of peripheral interface header connectors, and a PC/104-Plus expansion stack location – all within the compact ETX footprint.

Thanks to Pluto’s flexible architecture, you can select from a wide range of ETX-based CPUs to meet each application’s specific performance, power, and cost requirements. Available processors include Intel’s Atom, Celeron, Core Duo, and Core 2 Duo – in both LV and ULV technologies. What’s more, Pluto’s on-board PC/104-Plus stack location facilitates the addition of custom or off-the-shelf ISA- and PCI-interfaced expansion modules, helping you satisfy your application’s precise requirements.

Pluto is offered in a range of models that vary according to the choice of ETX CPU module and on-board SO-DIMM SDRAM capacity.

Key Features

– Additional Ethernet interface: 10/100Base-T port (Realtek 8103EL)

– 2 additional RS-232 serial ports

– Digital I/O: 8 logic-level digital inputs and outputs

– On-board piezoelectric PC speaker

– ATX-style power input and system control

– On-board RTC backup battery

– ETX COM socket on bottom; conforms to ETX v3.0 specification

– I/O connectors provided for all system I/O

– On-board CompactFlash socket; configurable as IDE Master or Slave

– On-board PC/104-Plus socket; supports ISA and PCI expansion buses

– Operating temperature: as wide as -40°C to +85°C (depends on ETX COM)

– Form-factor: ETX footprint (4.5 x 3.7 in.)




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