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Cohu 3960 Series Positioner NTSC-PAL Outdoor IP67, NTSC/PAL, 35x Day/Night, EIS i-series

Cohu 3960 Series Positioner NTSC-PAL Outdoor IP67, NTSC/PAL, 35x Day/Night, EIS i-series

3960 Series iView II Rugged 35X Camera System

Mounts (Integrated pedestal mount is built into camera design)

  • 8425-7 Wall Mount
  • 8503-0 Pole Mount (Wall Mount with pole adaptor)
  • 8503-2 Parapet Mount
  • 8503-1 Corner Mount (Wall Mount with corner adaptor)
  • 8481-9 Large Pedestal (adaptor plate for Pedestal to Large Pedestal)


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The 3960 Series is designed for applications that require high performance video, comprehensive features, and 365-days-a-year reliability in all kinds of weather. This is the professional’s choice for infrastructure security, traffic management, access control, harsh environments, and process monitoring. Cohu 3960 Series Positioner

The unobtrusive package begins with a high performance day/night camera with integrated zoom lens. Its high-speed positioner can achieve up to 120° per second in preset mode. The mechanical assembly is metal, not plastic.

The legendary CohuHD IP67 enclosure means a clean operating environment and low maintenance. The environmentally sealed cable connector offers superior vibration and moisture resistant characteristics.

For installations subject to wind or vibration movement, the image stabilization assures a steady, clear image and enables the system designer to utilize existing bridge signs and traffic light poles for camera mounting.

The 3960 Series features a 35x optical zoom range (3.4 mm to 119 mm), with selectable automatic or manual focus. With its high resolution (540 HTVL) the 3960 Series produce s clear images of objects within its field of view. Cohu 3960 Series Positioner

Day/Night stechnology assures vivid color images during daylight, and high sensitivity monochrome images after dark. This greatly extends the nighttime or low-light capability of the camera.

A high-speed positioner, with 0.25° accuracy, provides 360° continuous rotation and up to 64 user-defined preset positions, each with a two-line, 24-character title.

Electronic image stabilization corrects for shaking and waving images caused by wind and vibration. The two modes of stabilization settings, 5 Hz and 16 Hz, allow a wide range of vibration compensation.

The 3960 Series provides embedded multi-protocol camera control. This means you can incorporate the 3960 Series into an existing control system from other major manufacturers. The 3960 Series can also be ordered with NTCIP 1205 camera control capability.

Up to eight tours, each with up to 32 preset positions and dwell time, can be stored in memory. Set up to sixteen sectors in a horizontal plane, each with its own identification title. In ddition, eight programmable privacy zones can be set to prevent the viewing of selected scenes. A “freeze frame” selection between preset positions gives operators a clean transition between scenes.

The 3960 Series has been tested to withstand 110 mph (177 km/h) winds with no structural damage to the camera.

The 3960 Series is designed to operate in harsh weather with its IP67 enclosure protection. This eliminates the effects of water intrusion, pollutants and corrosives.

CohuHD delivers years of clean, reliable images and backs it with a world class two year warranty.

The CohuHD i-View II is the industry’s premier CCTV camera system. This integrated camera/positioner is a high-value product designed to higher standards of quality. The classic 3960 is built to survive the toughest of environments from the cold of Alaska to the heat of Saudi Arabia.

Cohu 3960 Series Positioner



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