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Cohu 6960 Outdoor IP67, Dual Head, 35x Day/Night, LWIR Thermal

Cohu 6960 Outdoor IP67, Dual Head, 35x Day/Night, LWIR Thermal

6960 Series Positioner

  • Thermal VOx Microbolometer FPA
  • 640×480 and 320×240 Image Resolutions
  • „Wide Range of Lens Options
  • „Remote Focus Control
  • „Variable Speed Positioning System
  • „Presets, Tours, Sector/Privacy Zones
  • „IP67 Camera Ingress Protection
  • „Nema TS2 Rated -34°C to 74°C Operation
  • „Day/Night Visible Camera
  • „Motorized 35x Optical/12x digital Zoom
  • „Auto/Manual Focus and Iris control
  • „Camera Electronic Image Stabilization


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The CohuHD 6960 Series is a fullspectrum camera site surveillance solution in one integrated package. CohuHD designed this product to meet stringent quality objectives and demanding environmental requirements at a price that makes it affordable to all levels of security professionals.

This functionality is ideal for both intrusion detection and assessment of targets.

Two cameras on one positioner provide reliable surveillance or process monitoring in daylight, no light, and obscured visibility conditions.

Select a thermal imager for extreme low light conditions, or environments clouded by haze, rain, smoke, or fog. A second camera is used for precise recognition, identification, or assessment.

The 6960 offers a choice of uncooled VOx 320×240 or 640×480 LWIR FPA detectors and a wide selection of hard carbon coated lenses. The thermal cameras deliver high quality video, even in extreme conditions such as total darkness, smoke, atmospheric haze or dust, rain, light foliage, and most types of fog.

The day/night camera provides sharp color images in the daylight. When the sun goes down, the camera automatically switches to a monochrome mode that can still provide details in very low light conditions.

What sets the 6960 Series apart is that it can be fully customized at off the shelf economy. The 6960 Series provides additional value by using Cohu’s dependable i-Series design for fast and accurate positioning with the ability to look straight up and down and in a 360° sweep.

The 6960 series is designed to operate in extreme weather with its IP67 and IP66 protection, eliminating the effects of water intrusion, pollutants and corrosives, and withstands the effects elevated temperature, electrical and mechanical environments complying with Nema TS-2 standards.

Cohu delivers years of clean, reliable images and backs it with a world-class warranty.

Series 6960 Dual Imaging Visible/Thermal LWIR Camera Positioning System. Outdoor IP67, Dual Head, 35x Day/Night, LWIR Thermal.

  • Thermal VOx Microbolometer FPA
  • 640×480 and 320×240 Image Resolutions
  • Wide Range of Lens Options
  • Remote Focus Control
  • Variable Speed Positioning System
  • Presets, Tours, Sector/Privacy Zones
  • IP67 Camera Ingress Protection
  • Nema TS2 Rated -34°C to 74°C Operation
  • Day/Night Visible Camera
  • Motorized 35x Optical/12x digital Zoom
  • Auto/Manual Focus and Iris control
  • Camera Electronic Image Stabilization
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