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Smart Cameras

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  • Discover the cutting-edge IRSX series, redefining thermal imaging for industrial applications. These intelligent, self-contained thermal imaging systems revolutionize the industry with a calibrated thermal imaging sensor, potent data processing unit, and diverse industrial interfaces packed into a compact, rugged IP67 housing. Experience hassle-free integration, directly communicating with your process control, and embracing Industry 4.0 seamlessly. Honored with the Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards 2019, the IRSX series guarantees unparalleled performance.

  • Iris GTX is the next evolution of smart cameras, offering higher resolution sensors and substantially more processing power than its immediate predecessor, Iris GTX provides exceptional performance for a compact all-in-one vision system.

    • Boost performance by up to 3x over its precursor thanks to an Intel x6000 series embedded processor
    • Capture high-resolution images at high speed through a choice of CMOS sensors from two to 16 Megapixels
    • Deploy in dirty, humid, or harsh industrial environments by way of a compact IP67-rated design
    • Communicate actions and results to other automation and enterprise equipment via real-time digital I/Os, and Ethernet (TCP/IP, CC-Link IE Field Basic, EtherNet/IP™2, Modbus®, PROFINET®, and native robot interfaces)
    • Handle Human-Machine Interface (HMI) function by way of VGA and USB connectivity
    • World’s fastest 3D sensor in the combination of speed and resolution
    • Advanced 3D technology (HDR-3D)
    • Intelligent line detection algorithms with advanced filtering and validation for highly accurate scans
    • Wide measuring range
    • Available as a 3D camera, 3D sensor and MCS module
    • Industrial protection class IP67
    • Service-friendly design
    • Runs typical vision jobs efficiently using an Intel® dual-core embedded processor
    • Installs comfortably in confined and dirty industrial environments by way of a compact IP67-rated design
    • Communicates with automation controllers and enterprise networks via a Gigabit Ethernet interface


Showing all 4 results