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Altiz High-Fedility 3D Profile Sensors

Integrys is pleased to highlight the launching of Matrox Imaging’s Matrox AltiZ, a series of integrated high-fidelity 3D profile sensors— the culmination of a significant investment in product development and associated state-of-the-art manufacturing installations. AltiZ is an entirely new product line, conceived to meet market demand for superior 3D reproduction fidelity.

SIU36 OpenVPX COTS System

What to consider when purchasing rugged computers

Whether you are updating your current computers or buying them for a new facility or operation, given the wide selection of products on the market, figuring out the right ones for your company’s specific operations and working environments can be a daunting task. After all, rugged computers are much more than just hard shells . . . This article examines some of the criteria that you should weigh when assessing computers for your challenging—and sometimes nasty—work environments.

Resonon 3


Resonon Hyperspectral Imaging Solutions

Integrys is pleased to highlight one of our newest suppliers, Resonon, a hyperspectral imagers company that provides hardware and software for machine vision quality control applications where visible space cameras would be challenged.


Perception Park

Perception Park is a company with a passion for Hyperspectral Imaging and the focus on generic and configurable hyperspectral data processing solutions for industrial inline applications.

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