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New Product Line AltiZ High-fidelity 3D Profile Sensors

Integrys is pleased to highlight the launching of Matrox Imaging’s Matrox AltiZ, a series of integrated high-fidelity 3D profile sensors— the culmination of a significant investment in product development and associated state-of-the-art manufacturing installations. AltiZ is an entirely new product line, conceived to meet market demand for superior 3D reproduction fidelity.

High-fidelity 3D scanning

Dual-camera single laser design

Each 3D profile sensor in the AltiZ series has a dual-camera single laser design that reduces scanning gaps at surface junctures arising from optical occlusions. Algorithms inside the sensor automatically generate various types of 3D data, including individual profiles, depth maps and cloud points, which are obtained by combining or selecting pixel data from the two integrated image sensors.




Matrox AltiZ_2

Surface scan of a mechanical part


Flexible operation and intuitive setup

The two cameras within a Matrox AltiZ can operate either synchronously or in alternation. Synchronous operation provides maximum reproduction quality and robustness, while alternating operation generates a scanning rate twice that of the former—while still guarding against occlusion. Scanning volume affects the scanning rate and is set in convenient real-world units.

Standard interface, discrete I/Os, and power

The command and data interface of a Matrox AltiZ is done via a Gigabit Ethernet port with the GigE Vision communication protocol. The sensors’ 24 V-compatible digital I/Os are present for connecting to an incremental encoder and synchronizing multiple 3D sensors, which is useful when there is need to scan different sides of an object or surfaces larger than can be covered by a single 3D sensor. Matrox AltiZ supports PoE for simpler cabling, but also features an alternate 24 V power input.

Solid construction and varied mounting 

Matrox AltiZ features a sturdy IP67-rated aluminium housing with M12 connectors for operating in harsh industrial environments. Isolated discrete I/Os provide protection against improper electrical hookup. Back, side, and top attachment points accepting M4-threaded screws are available for fixing a Matrox AltiZ to gantries and robots. Through-hole guides are also included to enable higher-accuracy installation and the alignment of neighboring Matrox AltiZ units.

Field-proven application development software 

Matrox AltiZ pairs well with Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) X4—a comprehensive software development kit (SDK) for Windows and Linux with a more than 25-year history of reliable performance. This toolkit features interactive software and programming functions for image capture, processing, analysis, display, and archiving.

The 3D sensors also work with Matrox Design Assistant X5, a Windows-based integrated development environment (IDE) based on MIL, where vision applications result from the construction of flowcharts and their human-machine interface (HMI) from the creation of web pages. Refer to the Matrox Design Assistant X datasheet for more information.

Interactive profiler setup 

Included in MIL is Matrox Capture Works, an interactive utility for Windows and Linux3 that enables users to conveniently verify the connection to, as well as configure and test acquisition from, cameras and devices using a GenICam™-based interface standard such as Matrox AltiZ. Matrox Capture Works contains views specific to the Matrox AltiZ for tuning peak (laser line) extraction, configuring the scanning volume, and setting up device triggering.

Third-party software support 

Matrox AltiZ is also compatible with third-party vision software that implements support for the GigE Vision standard, GenICam GenDC specification, and GenICam PFNC 3D pixel formats.

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