Plant Expo 2019

Plant Expo 2019

Join us for a one-day tabletop show featuring the latest products and solutions for the manufacturing, processing, machinery, and maintenance and repair markets.

Plant Expo


Integrys is pleased to join Matrox Imaging at the upcoming Plant Expo shows in Mississauga, ON April 23rd and Sherbrooke, QC on June 19th. We’ll be showcasing machine vision solutions for manufacturing production and quality control using the latest Matrox Design Assistant X including a Photometric Stereo demonstration.  Photometric Stereo – a technique where a single image is computed from a series of images taken with light coming in from different directions – is especially useful in highlighting changes to surface curvature and material, revealing raised or recessed defects like dents or scratches, or features like stamped or embossed symbols.

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