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Automation Technology

Automation Technology is a global technology leader in special imaging sensors. Automation Technology develops and produces smart infrared cameras, 3D sensors, and sensor solutions for process automation as well as monitoring and inspection tasks.

With over 20 years of application experience in various industries, from automotive to plastics processing to electronics, Automation Technology offers products that are optimally tailored for practice and highly reliable.

Automation Technology | Integrys Ltd.

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  • Discover the cutting-edge IRSX series, redefining thermal imaging for industrial applications. These intelligent, self-contained thermal imaging systems revolutionize the industry with a calibrated thermal imaging sensor, potent data processing unit, and diverse industrial interfaces packed into a compact, rugged IP67 housing. Experience hassle-free integration, directly communicating with your process control, and embracing Industry 4.0 seamlessly. Honored with the Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards 2019, the IRSX series guarantees unparalleled performance.

    • World’s fastest 3D sensor in the combination of speed and resolution
    • Advanced 3D technology (HDR-3D)
    • Intelligent line detection algorithms with advanced filtering and validation for highly accurate scans
    • Wide measuring range
    • Available as a 3D camera, 3D sensor and MCS module
    • Industrial protection class IP67
    • Service-friendly design

Showing all 2 results