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EFFI-Flex optical configurations

EFFI-Flex optical configurations

WW : number of LED 1 3 5 10 15
Standard version (every 2 cm) 55 mm 95 mm 135 mm 235 mm 335 mm More than 4 m
1 LED / 2 positions version (every 4 cm) 235 mm 435 mm 635 mm More than 4 m


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Different sizes of EFFI-Flex depending on the number of LEDs.

EFFI-Flex optical configurations

– Available wavelengths –

Example of EFFI-Flex with UV wavelength.

Color UV 365* UV Blue Green Red IR ○ white
(T°= 5500 K ± 500 K)
XXX : wavelength (nm) 365 405 465 525 625 850 000

* If UV 365: no lens (not supported) and glass window

Part number : EFFI-FLEX-WW-XXX
if RGB : -RGB 
Other wavelengths are available on request : 385nm, 660 nm, 740 nm, 940 nm...

> Tricolor / Bicolor

EFFI-Flex bicolor :
The driver is integrated in the EFFI-Flex from 10 LEDs,
otherwise the driver is outsourced.
Example : EFFI-FLEX-WW-465525

EFFI-Flex Tricolor :
The driver is integrated into the EFFI-Flex from 15 LEDs.
otherwise the driver is outsourced.
-If RGB:
Part number : EFFI-FLEX-WW-RGB

-If WUI (White-UV-IR):
Part number : EFFI-FLEX-WW-WUI

EFFI-Flex quadricolor :
Part number : EFFI-FLEX-WW-RGBW


Diagram showing the distribution of LEDs on a three-color or two-color EFFI-Flex - Used for machine vision and quality control. Product Overview EFFI-Flex Tricolor or Bicolour - Used for machine vision and quality control.

– Windows

TR : Transparent
SD : Semi-diffusive
OP : Opaline

Presentation of the different types of Transparent / Semi-Diffuse / Opaline glass available on the

EFFILUX offers different types of interchangeable windows to find a good compromise between power and homogeneity depending on the nature of the object to control.

EFFI-Flex optical configurations


User security

  • Do not look directly or with any optical instrument the light beam
  • Avoid any contact with the LED or with the projection lens
  • IP67 Classification (EFFI-FLEX-CPT): Do not immerse the product more than 1 meter in depth.
  • IP40 Classification (EFFI-FLEX): Protected from limited dust ingress & not protected from water
  • Use the device in an environment at -10°C to +50°C with no excessive moisture: high humidity and high temperature could damage the device
  • Do not use the device in an environment with oil fumes and steam
  • Do never try to fix any damages to the product by yourself
  • Make sure you are using a correct power supply before connecting the device
  • Do not inverse electrical polarity – check your connections and the conventions before turning on the power supply
  • Make sure you consider an adapted connector to link the device to the power supply
FFI-Flex optical configurations
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