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One Stop Systems PCIe Expansion

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  • PCIe expansion is the standard for high speed connectivity from a server to a PCIe device.
  • Vastly higher performance than USB or Ethernet.
  • PCIe expansion is simple, reliable cost-effective.
  • PCIe expansion has proven reliable across a multitude of applications.


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Cables, Kits, Cards, and Backplanes

One Stop Systems was first to market with PCIe cable adapters and expansion devices. In addition, we have consistently been first with the latest technology upgrade. We offer multiple bandwidths for PCIe cables in a wide variety of lengths. An expansion kit typically includes two cable adapters and a cable that connects a motherboard system downstream to one or more PCIe devices. All PCIe components feature the latest technology and the most reliable engineering and manufacturing.


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Desktop Expansion

4U Value Expansion System

x4 PCIe Switch


x1 PCIe Switch

NVMe Adapter Card and PCIe Riser Card

One Stop Systems offers two special cards specifically designed to make testing a high volume of other cards quick and easy. The first card is the NVMe Solid State Drive (SSD) Adapter card. This card can be very useful for testing NVMe SSDs. The second card is a PCIe riser card, which can be used for testing any PCIe card. When used in the OSS Flash Storage Array Test System (FSA-TS), these two cards can test up to 32 NVMe SSD or PCIe cards at once. To learn more about the FSA-TS, click here.




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