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Advanced Illumination CS420 Current Source

Advanced Illumination CS420 Current Source

Dual Output Intensity Controller (with Digital Interface)

  • User interface provides three-button/three digit display.(RS232 programmable as well.)
  • Provides independent intensity control for two light outputs.
  • Signature technology verifies a light head’s electronic signature and automatically sets the appropriate output current level


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The CS420 Control Applet enables the user to program the intensity levels of up to two lights connected to a CS420 dual output intensity controller. Intensity is expressed as a percentage between 0 and 100 percent, where 0 percent represents minimum intensity and 100 percent maximum intensity. Maximum intensiity is calculated based on the Signatech signature of the light and various controller operating parameters. Advanced Illumination CS420 Current Source


Constant Current Intensity Controller PC & Display Interface Dual Output CS420

Advanced Illumination CS420 Current Source
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