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Hikvision MV-IM1013-12MWG High Speed 1.3 MP Code Reading Machine Vision GigE Smart Camera

Hikvision MV-IM1013-12MWG High Speed 1.3 MP Code Reading Machine Vision GigE Smart Camera

  • Movidius VPU platform for parallel high-speed image processing
  • Embedded code reading algorithm for efficiently reading the following code types:
    • 1D Codes: Code 39, Code 128, EAN, etc.
    • 2D Codes: QR code, Datamatrix, etc.
  • Efficient algorithm performance can deal with situation of dirty, defect, low contrast, etc.
  • Embedded aviation connectors, various I/O interface, can access multiple input signals and output signals multi-indicator lights for debugging process and display performance
  • M12 lens optional
  • Optimized light source cup design ensures brightness uniformity
  • CE, FCC, RoHS certification


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Model Sensor Pixel Size Shutter Mode Resolution Frame Rate Data Interface Mono
Model Type Size
MV-IM1013-12MWG PYTHON 1300 CMOS 1/2″


4.8μm Global 1280*1024 4 60fps GigE


Model   MV-IM1013-12MWG
Function Modules Barcode reading (1D code: Code 39, Code 128, EAN, etc.; 2D code: QR code, Datamatrix, etc.)
System Structure Movidius VPU
Pixel Format Mono8
GPIO 12-pin I/O interface, GPI x3, GP0 x3, RS232 serial port input x1, RS232 serial port output x1.
Power Consumption 5.5W@24VDC (with fill light off)

6.5W@24VDC (with fill light on)

Power Supply Power supply voltage range 9~24VDC
Dimension 81.8mm*50.5mm*36.5mm
Weight <90g
Lens Mount M12-mount
Camera Control SmartMVS
Temperature/Humidity Working temperature 0~50°C, storage temperature -30~70°C, 20%~95%RH without condensation.
Hikvision MV-IM1013-12MWG


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