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Integrys provides solutions that reduce costs while increasing productivity and efficiency.

The manufacturing sector is faced with the challenge of making ongoing improvements to cycle times, material yield, up time, and product quality. For many companies, this means more automation, better process control, rugged displays, and greater equipment reliability.

And, because margins are shrinking, the technology budgets to do this are tight. Integrys thrives in this kind of environment. We are ideal automation partners, with strong connections to leading component manufacturers, plus strong in-house engineering capabilities. We can select and engineer a diverse range of automation solutions, including machine-vision systems for process control and quality monitoring.

In fact, vision systems are an Integrys specialty. Our imaging solutions are used for control quality, and to monitor process flows, improve yield, and increase productivity. Integrys engineered a leather cutting solution for one of our OEM customers that scans a hide, calculates surface area, and detects flaws. It then plots the maximum possible number of pieces from the hide. A lumber mill solution co-developed with our OEM partner uses similar logic to maximize the board feet cut from a single log. This cooperation with our OEM customer allowed them to go to market early and capitalize on immediate opportunities.

Integrys’ documentation meets the requirements of ISO and other quality systems. So every solution we engineer is available with fully compliant, as-built, and version-control documentation.

Reliability is critical in manufacturing systems. Integrys works only with dependable suppliers and offers supply-chain management services for the components and parts we sell.

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  • The BlueEye is a pushbroom HSI camera that expands the common spectral range to include UV, covering UV-A, UV-B and UV-C, making it suitable for biotechnology, forensics and medical technology. It can detect invisible contamination on surfaces and is suitable for ingredient analysis and cellular diagnostics. Questions and comments are welcome at the manufacturer.

    BlueEye – UV Hyperspectral Camera is a camera with 220-380 nm wavelength, back-illuminated sCMOS sensor, USB 3.1 interface, cooling options, 40 fps @ 2048 x 2048 pixels, free of periodical calibration of optical path components, and excellent optical imaging performance.

  • Very precise colour data is recorded with the GreenEye Visible NIR hyperspectral imaging camera. In contrast to colour cameras, it reproduces spectral information in more than 1000 bands. It combines the visible and NIR spectrums, allowing conclusions to be drawn regarding chemical characteristics, including material properties.

    Here are some of its main attributes:

    • Transmission grating configuration for superior sensitivity
    • High spatial and spectral resolution
    • Excellent imaging performance
    • Robust design without moving parts
    • Compact design


  • RedEye – NIR Hyperspectral Camera from INNO-Spec is a line of push-broom HSI cameras for the near-infrared (NIR) spectrum that can operate in wavelengths between 950 and 2200 nm. It is available in four versions with varying wavelength ranges and offers real-time in-line monitoring, even on fast-moving objects.

    RedEye NIR HS Cameras offer various wavelength ranges, excellent photosensitivity, GigE Vision Interface, parallel colour image recording, best optical image quality, and are maintenance-free.

    • Industry-standard camera adapter socket for use with a wide range of CSI, GMSL, and other cameras
    • 10Gb Ethernet + 1GB Ethernet ports
    • Wide temperature operation – matching the range of the Orin module
    • Dual minicard sockets with PCIe and USB interfaces
    • Dual M.2 sockets for flash memory (M key 2242/2280) and network connectivity (E key 2230)
    • I/O concentrator connector enables use with standard and custom I/O breakout boards
    • World’s fastest 3D sensor in the combination of speed and resolution
    • Advanced 3D technology (HDR-3D)
    • Intelligent line detection algorithms with advanced filtering and validation for highly accurate scans
    • Wide measuring range
    • Available as a 3D camera, 3D sensor and MCS module
    • Industrial protection class IP67
    • Service-friendly design
  • EFFI-BL IP69K Backlight is large, powerful, and homogeneous.  It offers a homogeneity greater than 90% on the emitting surface, making it ideal for applications where uniform and diffused illumination is critical. Its built-in integrated driver gives the user precise control over intensity.

    The IP69K series features a 100% waterproof stainless-steel profile specially designed for the food industry and wash environments. For many years, EFFILUX developed stainless steel IP69K lightings to offer maximum protection against the ingress of water and dust, chemicals, high pressures and temperatures, and corrosion.

    EFFI-BL IP69K is compact, easy to mount and available in any size from 100mmx100mm up to 600mmx600mm with a 50mm increment.

  • EFFI-SBL: IP67 Compact Backlight, with its 15mm thickness and thin edges design, offers space-saving advantages while offering maximum power and protection. This light is ideally suited for vision systems with limited space and harsh environments. The homogeneity of the EFFI-SBL is greater than 90% on the emitting surface, making it ideal for applications where uniform and diffused illumination is key. In addition, its integrated driver gives the user precise control over intensity.

    Thanks to an extensive range of standard sizes, the user benefits from great flexibility. Any size from 25x25mm up to 200x200mm with 25mm increments is available.

  • EFFI-FD Flat Dome Light is a high-power panel light with a camera hole. Offers high uniformity with an integrated intensity controller. It is an ideal front light for highly reflective workpieces and applications with a large field of view or mechanical constraints. Thanks to its mechanical design, EFFI-FD can be easily integrated into a production line, where typical dome light cannot.

  • EFFI-RING, Adjustable Power Ring, is a high-power adjustable ring light with interchangeable diffusers and an adjustable lens position offering multiple possible configurations.

    It meets the major needs of manufacturers with its mechanical accessories, making it easy to mount it on the end of a robotic arm or to attach a camera. It is perfectly suited for pick & place or robot guidance applications, as well as any wide field of view inspection.

  • This Effi-Flex IP69K, Waterproof High Power LED Light Bar is equipped with high-power LEDs which provide multiple solutions in a single light by offering different lens positions.

    With its capability to provide choice for the emission angle and features like robustness, compactness, and waterproofness, it’s proven to be industrial friendly. Uniformity in the intensity of light, full range of colours, and minimal maintenance have made it the first choice for the industry with the need for Machine Vision.

  • This Adjustable Beam Angle Bar-Light is equipped with high-power LEDs, it provides multiple solutions in a single light by offering different lens positions.

    With its capability to provide choice for the emission angle and diffuser, it’s proven to be industrial friendly. Uniformity in the intensity of light, full range of colours, and minimal maintenance have made it the first choice for the industry with the need for Quality Control, and Pick and Place.


  • This powerful bar light is available in a wide range of wavelengths, and window options. Also, it is easy to install due to its compact and robust design.

    • Complies with IP67 standard for protection against water and dust.
    • Integrated driver with AutoStrobe function which able to increase the power by 300% in overdrive mode (when compared to continuous mode).
    • Robust design for applications in harsh environments
    • Water cooling is possible for higher power bar light
    • Supports all I/O features of Jetson Nano / Xavier NX / TX2 NX modules
    • Compact size 4.3×3.3″ / 110x85mm
    • Single/dual gigabit Ethernet
    • 1x USB 3.1, 2x USB 2.0
    • HDMI + DisplayPort
    • 3x CSI dual lane camera inputs
    • 2x serial ports: 1 RS-232 and 1 RS-232/485
    • 16 GPIO with 3.3V / 5V compatibility
    • 1 CAN port (with NX module)
    • M.2 2242/2280 M-Key NVMe flash socket
    • Heat sink / fan sink cooling (orderable options)
    • Expansion connector for use with standard and custom I/O expansion modules
    • 7-24VDC power input
    • Supports full temperature range of installed Jetson modules, -25 to +80ºC
    • Available as carrier board, subassembly with installed Jetson module and software, or complete system
  • Efficient image processing for applications with limited batch sizes

    • Detailed inspections with resolutions up to 65 MP
    • High throughput with up to 1578 fps
    • Complete flexibility with 10GBase-T for M12 copper cables or SFP+ slot for optical cables
    • Dynamic adjustment to varying working distances and changing lighting conditions
    • Flexible cross-sector solutions for applications
    • Reliably capture the minutest details
    • Easy, flexible, and cost-effective integration
    • Precise image analysis with lasting stability
    • Increased reliability coupled with reduced system and integration costs
    • Short transmission and response times


    • 1400 Watts power through full temperature range
    • Ideal for rugged 6U VPX power applications
    • High Efficiency
    • Standard VPX-compatible connectors and I/O per VITA 62
    • Compatible with System Management Bus per VITA 46.11
    • Off-the-shelf solution for VITA 46.0 and VITA 65 systems
    • Supports all VITA standard I/O, signals, and features
    • Accepts 3Ø AC or +270 VDC input
    • Provides five outputs and I/O
    • High Power +12Vdc Output
    • Continuous Background Built-In-Test (BIT)
    • Current share
    • User programmability
    • I2C communication
    • Over Temperature Protection
    • Status LED


    • I/O breakout from Xavier board:
    • 2x USB 3.1
    • 2x USB 2.0
    • 2x Gigabit Ethernet
    • 1x HDMI
    • 1x LVDS LCD
    • 4x RS-232/RS485/RS422
    • 2x CAN 1Mbps
    • Audio
    • SAM DAQ circuit:
    • 6 12-bit A/D, 0-3.3V input range, up to 1MSPS sampling rate
    • 2 12-bit D/A, 0-3.3V output range
    • 13 GPIO, 3.3V logic levels


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