Imperx CCD Camera Tiger Series

Imperx CCD Camera Lines Tiger Camera Series Advances CCD Performance and Value


Imperx CCD Camera Lines  New Tiger Camera Series Advances CCD Performance and Value

Imperx Industrial Tiger CCD Cameras

IMPERX introduces the new Tiger series of cameras to its line of advanced digital CCD cameras. Like the Bobcat series of cameras, the Tiger series offers a variety of models, high quality digital images, flexibility, and dependability. At the same time, the Tiger series offers several improvements and new capabilities:

  • New imaging platform with latest sensor design and component technology
  • Resolutions up to 47MP
  • Improved NIR sensitivity sensors
  • Lower power requirements
  • Reduced noise
  • Ruggedized and Industrial versions
  • Support for active/passive Canon EOS lens
  • Simplified feature sets for easier use

TIGER Cameras

The remarkable Tiger cameras use larger, faster sensors (4/3” to 57mm optical formats) and advanced processing technology to meet ever more demanding applications. Camera resolutions include 47, 29, 16, 8.6, 8, and 4 megapixels and offer a broad range of frame rates.

Ruggedized and Industrial versions assure performance and value:

Ruggedized Version

  • Tougher environments, applications
  • Wider temperatures (-40C to +85C)
  • Greater shock and vibration

Industrial Version

  • Durability in a wide range of applications
  • Ideal for commercial temperatures (-10C to +60C)
  • Programming flexibility

NEW Tiger Series

Model Megapixel Resolution Sensor Optical FPS Available Interfaces
T2040 4 MP 2048 x 2048 KAI-04070 4/3″ 34 Camera Link® Medium, CoaXPress
T3340 8 MP 3296 x 2472 KAI-08051 4/3″ 21 Camera Link® Medium, CoaXPress
T3640 8.6 MP 3600 x 2400 KAI-08670 APS-H 15 Camera Link® Medium, CoaXPress
T4840 16 MP 4880 x 3232 KAI-16070 35mm 7.9 Camera Link® Medium, CoaXPress
T4940 16 MP 4896 x 3264 KAI-16050 APS-H 8.8 Camera Link® Medium, CoaXPress
T6640 29 MP 6576 x 4384 KAI-29050 35mm 4.9 Camera Link® Medium, CoaXPress
T6641 29 MP 6576 x 4384 KAI-29052 35mm 4.9 Camera Link® Medium, CoaXPress
T8040 43 MP 8064 x 5360 KAI-43140 35mm 2.7 Camera Link®, Camera Link® Medium, CoaXPress
T8810 47 MP 8856 x 5280 KAI-47051 645 (1.1x) 3.2 Camera Link® Medium
T8820 47 MP 8856 x 5280 KAI-47051 645 (1.1x) 6.5 Camera Link® Full

CCD Cameras For A Variety Of Industries

Imperx CamerasIMPERX manufactures rugged, heavy-duty CCD cameras for a variety of industrial, manufacturing and business applications. Applications include optical inspection, LCD inspection, medical imaging (endoscopy, microscopes), military and aerial mapping. Our high resolution cameras come with up to 29 megapixel and are available with a variety of interfaces, including Camera Link®, GigE Vision, HD-SDI and CoaXPress. Bobcat 2.0 cameras include built-in imaging pre-processing, built-in programmable corrections, auto exposure, auto gain, auto iris control and programmable exposure with precision up to one microsecond.

IMPERX: A Global Manufacturer & Supplier Of CCD Cameras

Our CCD cameras are used throughout the world, including North America, Asia (China, Korea, Japan) Europe and India. Our CCD cameras are globally recognized for their rugged quality, high resolution, high speed and numerous programmable features. With multiple outputs, IMPERX CCD cameras are the leading global choice for the most demanding commercial applications.

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