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Mercury Systems RES-XR6 Rackmount Servers

Mercury Systems RES-XR6 Rackmount Servers

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Mercury Systems RES-XR6 Rackmount Servers

Key Features

A part of Mercury’s EntepriseSeries, RES-XR6 rackmount servers package up to four 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and 6TB DDR4 ECC memory in resilient, reliability-enhanced, and lightweight form factors. Featuring expansion slots, multiple sizes and depths, rear or front high-speed I/O, security features, and various storage options, users can tailor scalable solutions to meet current and future system requirements.

Key Benefits

Trusted & Secure Servers

A part of the EnterpriseSeries™ product line, Mercury’s RES Trust servers employ U.S. designed and manufactured motherboards with embedded Intel® processors and composable BuiltSECURE™ framework to deliver trusted performance for the most security-imperative mission critical applications. RES Trust servers can be configured with a variety of nation-state-level security features. System security features enable customer Foreign Military Sales (FMS) or Direct Commercial Sales (DCS) program success.

Mercury Systems RES-XR6 Rackmount Servers

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