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Matrox Imaging Library 9 (MIL) WIN P U

Matrox Imaging Library 9 (MIL) WIN P U

Machine vision, image analysis and medical imaging software development kit

MIL 9 development toolkit for 32-bit/ 64-bit Windows® XP/Vista/7. Includes DVDs with MIL ONL ActiveMIL Intellicam Inspector Matrox display drivers and on-line documentation. Also includes one (1) perpetual license USB hardware key.


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Industrial imaging tools Matrox Imaging Library 9 Application

Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) is a comprehensive collection of software tools for developing machine vision, image analysis and medical imaging software applications. MIL includes tools for every step in the process: from application feasibility, to prototyping, through to development and ultimately deployment. Matrox Imaging Library 9 Application

The toolkit features interactive software and programming functions for image capture, processing, analysis, annotation, display and archiving. These tools are designed to enhance productivity, thereby reducing the time and effort required to bring your solution to market.

Image capture, processing and analysis operations have the accuracy and robustness needed to tackle the most demanding applications. These operations are also carefully optimized for speed to address the severe time constraints encountered in many applications.

Image analysis / measurement tools

Field-proven tools

Central to MIL are tools for calibrating, enhancing and transforming images, locating objects, extracting and measuring features, reading character strings, and decoding and verifying identification marks. These tools are carefully developed to provide outstanding performance and reliability, and can be used within a single computer system or distributed across several computer systems.

Pattern recognition

MIL includes two tools for performing pattern recognition: Pattern Matching and Geometric Model Finder. These tools are primarily used to locate complex objects for guiding a gantry, stage or robot, or for directing subsequent measurement operations.

The MIL Pattern Matching tool is based on normalized grayscale correlation (NGC), a classical technique that finds a pattern by looking for a similar spatial distribution of intensity. A hierarchical search strategy lets this tool very quickly and reliably locate a pattern, including multiple occurrences, which are translated and slightly rotated, with sub-pixel accuracy. The tool performs well when scene lighting changes uniformly, which is useful for dealing with attenuating illumination. A pattern can be trained manually or determined automatically for alignment. Search parameters can be manually adjusted and patterns can be manually edited to tailor performance.

The MIL Geometric Model Finder (GMF) tool is based on a patented4 technique that uses geometric features (e.g., contours) to find an object. The tool quickly and reliably finds multiple models, including multiple occurrences that are translated, rotated, and scaled with sub-pixel accuracy. GMF locates an object that is partially missing and continues to perform when a scene is subject to uneven changes in illumination; relaxing lighting requirements. A model can be trained manually from an image, obtained from a CAD file or determined automatically for alignment. A model can also be obtained from the MIL Edge Finder tool, where the geometric features are defined by color boundaries and crests or ridges in addition to contours. Physical setup requirements are eased when GMF is used in conjunction with the MIL Calibration tool as models become independent of camera position. GMF parameters can be manually adjusted and models can be manually edited to tailor performance.

Matrox Imaging Library 9 Application


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