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Connect Tech’s NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2i

Connect Tech’s NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2i

  • Rugged design, small form factor and power envelope
  • High reliability in harsh industrial environment
  • Long operating life (MTBF): 10-year life cycle
  • Extended operating temperature range: -40°C – 85°C
  • Humidity tested: -10°C to 65°C / 95% RH, 240 hours
  • Support for ECC memory
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The Jetson TX2i module provides high reliability in harsh environments. The module offers an extended operating temperature range (-40°C – 85°C), support for ECC memory, a long operating life (MTBF), as well as an extended 10 year life cycle. Ideal for high performance edge computing, the TX2i can be used with industrial robots, machine vision cameras and portable medical equipment.

All of this is designed for use in a small form factor rugged environment. With locking pin-header connectors, solder in standoffs, and industrial temperature range components, the Elroy is going places.

Connect Tech has validated the Jetson TX2i across its full line of Jetson solutions and can immediately offer TX2i support on all carrier board offerings (Astro, Elroy, Orbitty, Sprocket, Spacely and Cogswell). In addition to carrier board support, we are proud to announce that Rudi, Rosie, and Cogswell Vision System have been validated and are also available with TX2i support.

Jetson TX2 and Jetson TX2i Comparison


Feature Jetson™ TX2 Jetson™ TX2i
Shock 140G, 2ms 140G, 2ms
Vibration 10Hz ~200Hz, 1g & 2g RMS Random: 5g RMS 10 to 500Hz
Sinusoidal: 5g RMS 10 to 500Hz
Temp Range -25°C – 80°C -40°C – 85°C
Humidity 85°C / 85% RH, 168 hours -10°C to 65°C / 95% RH, 240 hours
Operating Life 5 Years
(GB at 35C: MTBF=1,747,520 hours
GF at 35C: MTBF=1,066,851 hours)
10 Years
(GB at 45C: 2,505,155 hours Rt=0.9656
GF at 45C: 1,254,624 hours Rt=0.9326)
Misc Env Testing N/A Mixed gas flow; dust settling; free fall drop
TDP 15W 20W
Warranty 1 Year Warranty 3 Year Warranty
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