JAI Go-X Series

JAI Go-X Series : Compact, attractively-priced area scan cameras with industrial grade reliability

The JAI Go-X Series offers compact, attractively-priced industrial area scan cameras with a blend of features, image quality and industrial grade reliability that is in high demand for the next generation of machine vision systems.

The JAI Go-X Serie incorporates the most popular Sony Pregius CMOS sensors with resolutions ranging from 2.3 to 12.3 megapixels and a choice of USB3 Vision or GigE Vision interfaces. Also included are rolling shutter models featuring Sony Starvis CMOS sensors with resolutions of 6.3, 12.2, or 20 megapixels.

With industrial grade shock and vibration ratings (80G/10G) and excellent thermal dissipation, they are designed to keep critical inspection systems running 24/7/365.

Backed by a six-year warranty – the longest in the industry – they are built using JAI’s proven manufacturing process that has delivered field failure rates of less than two cameras per thousand over the last five years.

All cameras include a robust set of capabilities like region-of-interest (ROI), image flipping and mirroring (most models), 8/10/12-bit output, blemish compensation and shading correction – plus, advanced features like two different sequencer modes and an intelligent, user-customizable auto-exposure function (ALC).

Also available is a collection of compact C-mount lenses which have been pre-qualified for the Go-X Series sensor formats, pixel sizes, and other specifications to ensure a complete, high quality imaging solution.

  • Resolutions from 2.3 to 20 megapixels (Bayer color and monochrome models).
  • Equipped with Sony Pregius or Sony Starvis CMOS sensors.
  • Industrial grade shock and vibration ratings (80G/10G), plus excellent thermal dissipation.
  • Prices starting at €289 with a 6-year warranty.
  • Extensive dust prevention measures include cleanroom assembly, and a sealed sensor compartment for dust-free optical path on all models.
  • Three sets of mounting holes with 20, 21, and 12 mm spacing fit most existing designs with no re-tooling.
  • A free SDK plus high-level API lets you easily design for Windows, Linux, or ARM embedded platforms.
  • A compact camera size (29 x 29 x 52 mm) helps to minimize the overall size of the vision system.
JAI Go-X Series

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