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Technical Support

Integrys offers a range of technical service options—any or all of which may be incorporated into your custom service plan. This flexibility ensures we match operational reality with your business needs.

Regularly Scheduled Switch-Out and Depot Maintenance

Arrange for quarterly, semi-annual, annual, or custom maintenance schedules. Our service team will assist you in preparing a swap-out plan, and swiftly review status of all equipment in for review. Diagnostics and predictive maintenance will help you increase the projected lifespan of your systems, and you’ll dramatically reduce downtime due to manageable obsolescence.

Regular On-Site Maintenance

Our service teams will come to you for a quarterly, semi-annual, annual or custom maintenance inspection. We’ll review your equipment in situ, perform diagnostics, and be able to accurately assess issues arising from actual worksite conditions and modes of operation.

Depot Program For Problematic Equipment

Not all systems are mission-critical. This is a simple repair-or-replace program where you drop the equipment off at our workshop, we quickly ascertain the issue, and propose the optimum solution.

Guaranteed Replacement/Turnaround Program

A step up from the depot service with a simple twist: You drop off the problem equipment, and we give you a replacement on the spot. We’ll still work through the repair-or-replace scenario to determine the most cost-effective solution, but you’ll already have your replacement equipment.

On-Site Emergency Service

Similar to on-call engineering support, we assign a technician familiar with your project and when an issue arises, we guarantee the techie is on-site to implement diagnostics and repairs within the promised timespan. Two-hour-, four-hour- and same-day response packages are available, with optional support packages covering after-business hours, weekends, and holidays.

Contact Technical Support

You can contact technical support at support@integrys.com. For warranty return material authorization, you can open the rma form. You can also call us toll free at 888-509-8455 fax us at 888-509-8456.