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Supply Chain Management

Integrys can help you manage both current and future inventory. We can keep track of announced changes in product availability, and accommodate for those changes. With Integrys’ close relationships to technology providers, we have solutions for discontinued products and new market adaptations, which keep you from facing technical obsolescence.

Guaranteed Inventory Program

Armed with quarterly turnover forecasts, we’ll keep sufficient inventory on hand of crucial boards, systems, or components, to ensure minimal lead-time requirements. Our experts can help you develop a rolling forecast, compare to factory lead times, and consider the effect of custom modifications. This can dramatically reduce downtime, increase customer satisfaction, and save you money.

Vendor Management

As a representative of distributors and manufacturers, Integrys has 50 years of experience managing vendor relationships. We can take on this role for you with all the vendors in your solution, not just those represented by Integrys. This gives you a single point of accountability, and control over complex supply chains.

Expedited Services

Sometimes you need things NOW. Because of our close ties to manufacturers, Integrys has the ability to get what you need sooner.

Returned Materials Authorization

We can customize the RMA process to meet your operational needs. Pre-authorized RMAs for selected- or high-volume stock allow us to take charge of the logistics on your behalf.