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The range of documentation required by legislation can be daunting—from certifications, to maintaining quality control, or ensuring business continuity. Integrys has extensive experience in managing assorted documentation needs, from ISO audits through to patent registration.

Certification Services

If we already assemble your product, but you deal with certifications, let Integrys consolidate this service. Integrys can manage depot-, field- and in-house certifications for you. Certifications Integrys can manage on your behalf can be industry specific, electrical, maritime, or environmental in nature.

Audit Preparation

If you work in a highly regulated industry such as pharmaceuticals or aerospace, complying with regular audit procedures is mandatory. When it comes to your computers, we can manage the audit process for you. This can include program development and administration, audit preparation and execution, and audit reporting and follow-up.

ISO Documentation

We can assist you with both ISO certification and subsequent audits. Integrys is an ISO 9001:2000-certified systems house, and under the associated ISO standards we consistently provide systems to the following sectors: 

Medical Devices – ISO 13485:2003
Automotive – ISO 16949:2002
Petroleum – ISO 29001:2003

Intellectual Property Management

Integrys can help you set up intellectual property management processes such as site licensing, usage licensing, shared ownership agreements, and conditional licensing. As well, we can assist in the preparation of patent registration documentation and processes.

Version Control

Both hardware and software are subject to constant modifications. Ensuring that all your systems are in a uniform state and knowing which versions work together can be intimidating tasks. Integrys is accomplished in managing version control, and can help you be in command of your technology—not at its mercy.