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Solution Finder – Third-party solutions

Solution Finder – Third-party solutions

Milestone XProtect® video management software integrates with a wide range of third-party software applications. To enable video solutions with IT infrastructure components, Milestone also partners with recognized hardware vendors. Together they can help solve all of your video system challenges. You can filter by XProtect software product, category, region or perform a free search.

Milestone Certified Solution
This distinction indicates that the solution has been certified with the Milestone XProtect Platform. The certification focuses on testing the solution’s functionality, performance impact and usability. The information in the Solution Finder has been derived from third-party sources and is provided to you “as is” by Milestone Systems. Milestone does not accept any responsibility or liability for the accuracy, content, completeness, legality or reliability of the information contained in the Solution Finder.

Behavior Watch and Count Watch

By Mango DSP
Milestone Certified Solution
Mango DSP’s MATE Behavior Watch server-based video content analytics (VCA)solution provides real-time proactive video/IP surveillance as well as operational business intelligence with MATE’s Count Watch for people and car counting.

MvActivityDetection, MvPeopleCounting and MvTrafficMonitoring

Milestone Certified Solution
The solutions integrate people and vehicle analytics detection with XProtect software for intrusion and perimeter detection and crowd and traffic management.

NeoFace Watch

By NEC Corporation
Milestone Certified Solution
NeoFace Watch is a high performance, highly scalable, facial recognition software application suitable for real-time and post-event scenarios. The platform is independently proven as the fastest and most accurate facial recognition solution in the world.

savVi – Next Generation Video Analytics Platform

By Agent Video Intelligence (Agent Vi)
Milestone Certified Solution
savVi is Agent Vi’s unified video analytics platform that is integrated with Milestone XProtect® software to offer an intelligent video surveillance solution for real-time event detection, video (forensic) search and business intelligence applications.

Viasys Analytics

By Viasys Intelligent Video GmbH
Milestone Certified Solution
Viasys Analytics provide intruder detection, perimeter protection and alarming via an analytics algorithm running on servers, IP cameras or video encoders.

Visual Intelligence Suite

By Ipsotek
Milestone Certified Solution
VISuite is a video analytics solution designed around intelligent, flexible and robust algorithms that analyzes recorded video and notifies operators when certain behaviors are observed.


By Technoaware srl
Milestone Certified Solution
TechnoAware’s VTrack video analytics platform makes it possible to detect, track and classify subjects (such as individuals, vehicles or objects) or events of interest for a multitude of different applications.


By BRS Labs
AISight® system by BRS Labs is a patented software that improves situational awareness by autonomously recognizing unexpected behavior observed in video; it is easily installed and scales up to thousands of cameras across multiple locations.

AllGo Vision

By AllGo Embedded Systems Pvt Ltd
AllGoVision video analytics seamlessly integrates with XProtect software to provide automatic real-time detection of intrusion, traffic violation, suspicious incidents, parking management and counting.

AXIS Dewarping Plugin for Milestone XProtect®

By Milestone Systems
AXIS Dewarping Plugin for Milestone XProtect® enables dewarping of live and recorded video from Axis cameras in the Milestone XProtect® Smart Client.

Carmen ACCR software

By ARH Inc.
ARH Inc.’s Carmen Automatic Container Code Recognition (ACCR) extracts and reads the container codes of ISO containers.

CoastalCOMS XProtect Hosting and Managed VCA

By CoastalCOMS
The CoastalCOMS solution provides XProtect as a hosted, managed service with cloud storage and integrated video content analytics (VCA) services, enabling rapid deployment of cameras and real-time risk assessment.


By Foxstream
FoxVigi integrates outdoor intrusion detections and displays the object of the alarm with red OSD into the XProtect® Smart Client for immediate doubt removal; automatically sends the video clip with the alarm to security operators for action; and filters false alarms.

IBM Intelligent Video Analytics

IBM Intelligent Video Analytics offers an event-based solution that analyzes video feeds from Milestone XProtect® to provide alerts in real time. IVA supports comprehensive forensic search, cross correlation and trend analysis of activity across every camera and sensor.


By iCetana Pty Ltd
iCetana integrates intelligent iMotionFocus with XProtect® Enterprise and XProtect® Corporate to automatically detect and highlight the most unusual and rare events in real time for operator review.

IntelliVIX (Intelligent Video Surveillance)

By Illisis
IntelliVIX is an all-in-one intelligent surveillance system that offers early warning, automatic PTZ tracking, DVR-level recording, interoperability with other systems, license plate number recognition, age estimation, gender classification, face recognition, various display methods and scalability.

ioi Event Server Plugin

By FLIR Systems, Inc.
ioi analytic provides a rich event portfolio. By installing this plugin, you will be able to log analytics events into the XProtect® Smart Client: intrusion, regional entrance, tripwire, fence trespassing, unattended baggage, object removal, stopped vehicle, loitering and camera tampering.

iOmniscient IQ Series Analytics

By iOmniscient Pty Ltd
iOmniscient integrates its comprehensive range of iQ-Series video analytic solutions, from basic detection based products to sophisticated and patented facial recognition solutions, with Milestone’s XProtect® VMS series.

IPS VideoAnalytics and IPS AnalyticsManager

By IPS Intelligent Video Analytics
IPS VideoAnalytics are intelligent software-based analytics modules, operated on servers or cameras for the automatic detection of security related objects or events in video images. The powerful range of certified analytics modules can easily be integrated to the Milestone XProtect® product suite.

iSecure Video Analytics

iSecure is a technologically advanced and leading Video Analytics Solution that is feature rich, yet cost-effective. Its patent is pending. iSecure Analytics integrates with Milestone XProtect® software seamlessly and all alarms are listed in the XProtect® Smart Client. Video associated with the alarms can be viewed for further investigations.

License Plate Recognition Solutions

By ConvergenceTP
The C2P LPR solution by ConvergenceTP seamlessly integrates License Plate Recognition from a wide range of solution providers into the Milestone VMS platforms.

NGARO Sentinel

By NGARO Intelligent Solutions, S.L.
NGARO Sentinel is an advanced security application for restricted access areas based on thermal technology. Its thermal oriented algorithms detect the events through a 3-D radiation analysis and integrated patterns and send them to Milestone XProtect® VMS

Snap FMx

By Snap Network Surveillance
Snap automatically learns and maps large camera networks to then provide operators with a highly intuitive interface for live video pursuit and managing multi-camera evidence archives. A companion product integrated with the XProtect product suite.

Video Analytics for Perimeter Protection

By Davantis
Now you can receive Davantis video analytics events from our i-LIDS® approved primary detection system in your Milestone XProtect® video management software.

Video Evidence Retrieval Archive & Distribution System

By MaestroVision
Automatically collect video clips from multiple sources based on metadata. Track a person through a building; associate video with a person’s name or Identification number.

VideoIQ iCVR

By VideoIQ, Inc.
VideoIQ iCVR provides camera- embedded analytics events that can be sent to the Alarm Manager in XProtect® Corporate or XProtect® Enterprise.

Vifence Solutions

By Vaelsys S.L.
Vaelsys Vifence solutions integrate people, vehicle detection analysis and counting as well as license plate recognition with the Milestone XProtect® video management software.

Xstream Generator Suite [XsG]

By Doo Technologies
Xstream Generator Suite [XsG] by DOO Technologies, is a Camera Virtualization Software in the CCTV world that allows you to stress test your entire CCTV system! It removes all doubts during design, integration and test stages regarding the bandwidth, quality, quantity, storage and longevity.