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Rugged AR8 – Mission Computer – Core Systems

Rugged AR8 – Mission Computer – Core Systems

The AR8 is a small, rugged, and SWaP-optimized tactical mission computer with the latest Intel Gen CPU.

  • Fully conduction-cooled
  • Small Form Factor (SFF)
  • Utilizes proprietary thermal transfer technology to cool the system without the use of moving parts
  • Completely sealed chassis built to survive extreme temperature, shock, and vibration


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Introducing the CORE Rugged AR8 mission computer. A powerful, durable, and versatile computing solution built in the USA. It is made specifically as per military design standards. With high-performance Intel processing and rugged construction, it excels in extreme environments.

Rugged AR8 Size Specification

Rugged AR8 – Mission Computer – Core Systems

Rugged AR8 – Mission Computer – Core Systems

Key Features


  • RUGGED CHASSIS – Space-saving design built for your application.
  • LATEST TECHNOLOGY – We provide the latest computing technology to give you the edge you need out in the field.
  • READY FOR ACTION – Our history with designing for the military ensures your system is ready for action.

Key Benefits

  • Extreme Durability: Rugged mission computers are built to withstand extreme weather conditions and high shock/vibration zones, ensuring reliable performance in demanding environments.
  • Lightweight and Portable: These computers are designed to be lightweight, making them easy to transport and deploy in various tactical situations.
  • Conduction-Cooled: Our Mission computers feature conduction cooling technology, enabling efficient heat dissipation and optimal performance even in challenging conditions.
  • Fully-Sealed: The computers are fully-sealed to protect against dust, moisture, and other environmental elements, ensuring operational integrity in harsh surroundings.
  • Reliable Performance: With their military-grade construction, mission computers deliver dependable performance for critical operations, allowing users to confidently execute the work with precision and efficiency.

Rugged AR8 – Mission Computer – Core Systems

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HEIGHT 1.75 in
WIDTH 7.5 in
DEPTH 7.65 in
WEIGHT 3 lbs
CORES 4-12x
ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIFICATIONS Tested to meet military environmental specifications.

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