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MIL Rugged Scalable SFF AI Compute System – OSS

MIL Rugged Scalable SFF AI Compute System – OSS

Introducing the MIL Rugged Scalable SFF AI Compute System, featuring the powerful Cernis small form factor (SFF) NVIDIA Jetson Orin with integrated PCI Express 4.0 switch fabric. This cutting-edge system is designed to handle the most demanding AI applications, from sensor fusion to natural language processing, in a compact, SWaP-optimized package.

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This is the MIL Rugged Scalable SFF AI Compute System, powered by the advanced Cernis SFF NVIDIA Jetson Orin with integrated PCIe 4.0 switch fabric. This system excels in handling demanding AI applications, offering expandable edge AI capabilities, low-latency high-speed compute, rugged design for military environments, and 360-degree situational awareness support. With exceptional AI performance of up to 6.6 PetaOPS, enhanced data throughput, low latency operation, and flexible deployment options, this system ensures reliable and robust performance for mission-critical tasks in harsh conditions.


  1. NVIDIA Jetson Orin Integration: The Cernis SFF system utilizes the advanced capabilities of the NVIDIA Jetson Orin platform, ensuring high-performance AI computing.
  2. Expandable Edge AI: Seamlessly expand the system with up to 24 Donati line NVIDIA Jetson Orin AGX mission computers, creating a scalable and powerful edge AI computing environment.
  3. Low Latency, High-Speed Compute: The integrated OSS PCIe fabric delivers industry-leading data fabric speeds of over 150GB/s, enabling low-latency, high-speed mission computing.
  4. Advanced PCIe Switching: Benefit from advanced PCIe switching features, enhancing data transfer efficiency and system performance.
  5. Rugged Design: Built to withstand harsh vehicle environments, the Cernis/Donati system is ideal for military applications where reliability and durability are paramount.
  6. 360-degree Situational Awareness (360SA) Support: Deploy Donati mission computers for 360-degree situational awareness applications, ensuring real-time fused video and sensor data for enhanced situational awareness day or night.
  7. Direct Memory Access (DMA) Integration: Enjoy seamless sensor data access with DMA integration, eliminating lag and stack overhead associated with traditional networking protocols.
  8. Scalable System Configuration: Configure the system to meet your specific mission requirements, whether for vehicle-mounted applications or backpack deployments.


  1. Exceptional AI Performance: Achieve AI inference performance of up to 6.6 PetaOPS, empowering your system to handle complex AI tasks with ease.
  2. Enhanced Data Throughput: With six times greater data throughput compared to current-generation systems, experience faster data processing and analysis.
  3. Low Latency Operation: Benefit from two orders of magnitude lower latency, ensuring real-time data processing and response.
  4. Flexible Deployment Options: Deploy the system in various configurations to suit different mission needs, from vehicle-mounted setups to portable backpack deployments.
  5. Reliable and Robust: Designed for rugged environments, the system offers reliable operation even in challenging conditions, making it ideal for military applications.

Overall, the MIL Rugged Scalable SFF AI Compute System provides unmatched AI performance, reliability, and scalability for mission-critical applications in harsh environments.



This are the technical specifications of the CERNIS and DONATI SFF compute systems.

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