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Matrox 4Sight M Third-Generation Compact Industrial Imaging Computer

Matrox 4Sight M Third-Generation Compact Industrial Imaging Computer

  • Matrox 4Sight M is a self-contained imaging platform offering desktop PC
  • performance in a compact, industrial enclosure
  • Embedded Intel® architecture processor
  • Complete imaging system
  • Flexible video capture


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Industrial Imaging Platform

Matrox 4Sight M is a self-contained imaging platform offering desktop PC performance in a compact, industrial enclosure. It provides the core functionality
needed to build high-performance and cost-sensitive machine vision, medical imaging or video surveillance systems. Image capture, processing and display,
along with networking and general purpose I/Os, are all integrated into a single unit. Available with Matrox 4Sight M is the field-proven Matrox Imaging Library
(MIL), a software development toolkit with an extensive set of image capture, processing, analysis, display and archiving functions. Matrox 4Sight M Third-Generation Compact Industrial Imaging Computer

Embedded Intel® architecture processor

Matrox 4Sight M features an Intel® Celeron® M or Pentium® M processor and companion chipset with an integrated graphics controller. Matrox 4Sight M leverages PC technology for high-performance, low-cost components while ensuring interoperability by offering a single integrated solution from a single vendor. With Matrox 4Sight M, you spend less time integrating individual system components, giving you more time to develop your application. Careful component selection and a firm commitment to long-term supply gives Matrox 4Sight M the design stability required by both OEMs and integrators.

Complete imaging system

Adding the Matrox Nexis to the Matrox 4Sight M yields a truly complete image capture, processing and display platform from a single vendor. Matrox Nexis features a variety of remote camera heads with a dual camera control unit (CCU) and frame grabber on a single PC/104-Plus™ board.

Flexible video capture

Matrox 4Sight M can also capture from a variety of video sources by way of one of the optional adapter boards. Capture from composite (CVBS) or Y/C NTSC/PAL, composite RS-170/CCIR, or non-standard monochrome or component RGB frame scan analog video sources. Acquire from digital RS- 422/LVDS, IEEE 1394a/b or Camera Link® frame or line scan video sources. Matrox 4Sight M has the flexibility to capture from just about any video device.
Key features
– integrated video capture, processing and display platform
– small footprint and rugged construction
– powerful embedded Intel® architecture processor
– accommodates Matrox Nexis highly integrated image acquisition sub-system
– also supports analog and digital video acquisition including Camera Link®and IEEE 1394 IIDC
– real-time JPEG2000 image compression and decompression
– simultaneous primary analog and secondary TV, analog VGA or digital VGA outputs
– audio input and output
– separate Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet network interfaces
– USB 2.0, RS-232 and RS-485 communication
– TTL compatible I/Os with support for third-party industrial I/O solutions
– mass storage for video archiving
– watchdog timer for monitoring overall system integrity
– available with Microsoft® Windows® XP Embedded
– programmed using Microsoft® development tools and Matrox Imaging Library (MIL)

Matrox 4Sight M Third-Generation Compact Industrial Imaging Computer



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