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JAI AP-3200T-USB 3.2 Megapixel CMOS Prism Area Scan

JAI AP-3200T-USB 3.2 Megapixel CMOS Prism Area Scan

  • Apex Series
  • Worlds’s fastest prism-based 3CMOS camera
  • 3-CMOS prism-based industrial R-G-B area scan color camera.
  • Exceptionally accurate color image data for the most demanding applications.
  • Better color fidelity and spatial resolution than traditional Bayer color cameras.
  • 3 x 3.2 megapixel resolution.
  • 3 x IMX265 Pregius Sony sensors.
  • 38.3 frames/second.
  • USB Vision interface and GenIcam compliant.
  • Compact design (44 x 44 x 74 mm).
  • C-mount
  • Packed with features.


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The new Apex AP-3200T-USB

Multi-sensor 3-CMOS prism-based area scan camera with exceptionally accurate color image data. The Apex AP-3200T-USB is a 3-CMOS prism-based industrial R-G-B area scan camera providing better color fidelity and spatial precision than traditional Bayer color cameras. The camera is built around the PregiusTM  IMX265 1/1.8 inch sensor featuring 2064 x 1544 pixels and pixel sizes of 3.45 µm x 3.45 µm.Combined with a USB3 Vision interface for excellent plug and play compatibility, the AP-3200T-USB  camera can output as much as 3 x 3.2 megapixels at 38.3 frames/second, making it the world’s highest performance 3-CMOS prism-based area scan camera.

The USB3 Vision interface allows for a data throughput of 350 MB/s, which is more than 3 times faster than previous 3CCD models.

The camera is robustly built with a 50G shock rating and 3G vibration rating which combined with an operating temperature range of -5°C to +45°C (ambient), enables the AP-3200T-USB to operate reliably in a wide range of industrial environments.

The APEX camera is loaded with a range of advanced feature sets supporting the most challenging color imaging applications. Among the features are:

Flexible color space conversion:
The AP-3200T-USB provides great flexibility in on-board color space conversion: including RGB to HSI color space conversion and RGB to CIE-XYZ color space conversion. (sRGB and Adobe RGB  color spaces are also available). The camera can output the converted color spaces using the LMN444 definition of the Pixel Format Naming Convention from the GeniCam standard.

Analog gain and exposure setting for each individual R-G-B channel:
The analog gain and the exposure time can be set independently for the red, green and blue sensor channels allowing for better signal/noise conditions. This maximizes the dynamic range for each color channel resulting in improved image quality.

Single and multi-region-of-Interest  (ROI) for faster frame rates and faster image processing:
The ROI can be set up in rectangular fields as both single and multi-ROI to increase the frame rate or to increase the image processing speed. Image processing is only done on the ROI to increase processing speed further.

Color Enhancer:
With the color enhancer tool it is possible to strengthen certain colors (double emphasis) in the image for additive hues (red, green and blue) and subtractive hues (cyan, magenta and yellow). This feature is useful in certain applications such as for example microscopy and medical imaging.

Edge Enhancer:
The edge enhancer function can improve the edge contrast in an image. The image processing filter identifies the boundaries between contrasting colors and increases the contrast in those areas, thereby improving edge sharpness and definition.

More features:
Other features include Automatic level control (ALC), ROI and ROI-based shading correction, color temperature preset, color pixel binning, chunk data, compact and lightweight design and much more.

The Apex AP-3200T-USB can be used in many different vision applications where excellent color discrimination is required. Typical applications include:

  • Print inspection including packaging and labels.
  • Microscopy
  • Inspection of medical devices
  • Automotive inspection including paint matching, LEDs, and instrumentation
  • Color verification of pharmaceutical items
  • Eye diagnostics
  • Digital pathology
  • Surgical imaging
  • Certain types of meat or other food inspection
  • Wafer inspection
  • Inspection of colored parts on printed circuit boardsColor calibration on LED screens
  • Mining and mineralogy, sorting ores and gemstones based on subtle color differences



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