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Jackson Carrier Board – Diamond Systems

Jackson Carrier Board – Diamond Systems

– 2x Gb Ethernet with RJ-45
– 3x USB 3.2 / 1x USB 2.0 ports
– 1x RS-232/485, 1x RS-232 serial port via RJ-12 and pin header
– 1x HDMI 2.0a/b with audio support
– Camera adapter module connector supports a variety of cameras with 8 CSI lanes available
– 16x GPIO 3.3V/5V
– 1x CAN 2.0 port
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Jackson provides a compact, economical, and I/O-rich solution for NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano / Orin NX GPU modules. Jackson brings out all I/O from the modules to I/O connectors or expansion sockets. Two quad-lane CSI camera connectors enable high-performance image processing applications utilizing the enhanced capabilities of the Orin series.

An I/O expansion connector provides a convenient way to customize Orin Nano / NX applications by designing low-cost I/O daughterboards that mount directly underneath the Jackson carrier board. The connector provides PCIe, USB3, I2C, and power via a flex circuit cable. Daughterboards can be designed to provide extra Ethernet and USB ports, extra M.2 and minicard sockets, and other I/O.

Jackson is available both as a carrier board and as a complete integrated solution with Jetson module and fan sink installed and Linux OS loaded. See the ordering information tab for part numbers and configurations.

The illustrations below show the wealth of I/O and expansion sockets available on Jackson.


Camera Adapter Socket

Jackson contains a unique camera adapter connector that makes it possible to interface any camera, including standard, custom, CSI, and GMSL cameras, to the board by using a simple, low-cost adapter board. Custom cameras can easily be connected to Jackson in this way without the expense of a custom carrier board or the inconvenience and fragility of free-hanging adapter boards.

Bottom side with dual 4-lane CSI adapter board installed

Daughterboard Expansion

A unique flex cable connector enables additional I/O expansion with off the shelf or custom-developed daughterboards. The connector offers USB 3.0 and PCIe connectivity to the Jetson module, as well as power. Since an I/O daughterboard is much quicker and easier to design than a full-custom carrier board, the effort required to add custom I/O to your Orin Nano / NX project is simplified. For example, additional USB 3.0 ports, additional Ethernet ports, an Ethernet switch, or even a PoE PD circuit can all easily be implemented on a daughterboard.

Daughterboards typically are the same size as the main board and mount directly underneath the main board for convenient packaging. They can also be mounted in tandem for a thinner but wider form factor.

Jackson with daughterboard

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