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Baumer IP 65/67 cameras – CX series & VisiLine series

Baumer IP 65/67 cameras – CX series & VisiLine series

Industrial cameras

High-performance CMOS and CCD cameras with GigE Vision, USB3 Vision and Camera Link

  • Excellent image quality and high frame rates
  • Reliable industrial design
  • Multiple interfaces for flexible integration
  • Cutting-edge CMOS sensor technology


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Baumer IP 65/67 cameras


Caméras IP 65/67 CX

  • 1,3 – 12 MP
  • Sony Pregius, ON Semiconductor PYTHON
  • Up to 145 fps
  • GigE Vision
  • 40 × 40 mm
  • Operating temperature range 0 °C – 65 °C

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CX IP 65/67 cameras with extended temperature range

  • 1,3 – 12 MP
  • Sony Pregius, ON Semiconductor PYTHON
  • Up to 145 fps
  • GigE Vision
  • 40 × 40 mm
  • Operating temperature range -40 °C – 70 °C

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VisiLine IP 65/67 cameras

  • VGA – 4 MP
  • Sony, ams (CMOSIS)
  • Up to 160 fps
  • GigE Vision
  • 46 × 46 mm
  • Operating temperature range 5 °C – 50 °C

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Perfect for harsh environments

Our IP 65/67 protected cameras can really take a lot. With no need for protective enclosures they can be used in extremely demanding applications under the harshest ambient conditions. Thanks to the extended operating temperature range, some models can even be used in temperatures ranging from -40 °C to 70 °C. The fact that additional cooling and heating measures are rendered unnecessary saves you time and costs in system integration.

The IP 65 and IP 67 protected, water and dustproof housing effectively protects all sensitive camera components from dirt, water jets or temporary immersion. An optionally available modular tube system with a variable number of adapters allows you to quickly and flexibly adapt the length and diameter of the lenses to various applications and conditions.

The robust industrial housing withstands vibrations of up to 10 g and shocks of up to 100 g. Combined with the low weight of only 137 grams and a PoE single-cable solution option, the IP-protected cameras are ideally suited for use in robotic applications, such as motor vehicle production. An x-coded M12 connector additionally ensures a reliable data interface connection. The cameras’ hard-anodized surface makes them ideally suited for use in the food and pharmaceuticals industries without the need for additional protection for the housing.

Your benefits

  • Integration time and system cost savings as no additional cooling or heating measures are required
  • Operating temperature range -40 °C to 70 °C
  • Long-term stability and precise image analysis even under harsh ambient conditions
  • IP 65/67 design hard-anodized surfaces tolerates vibration up to 10 g and shock up to 100 g
  • Direct control of up to four external light sources for shape-from-shading measurement without the need for an additional lighting controller
  • 4 opto-decoupled outputs with maximum 1.5 A output and pulse width modulation
  • Flexible cross-sector application solutions
  • Exposure from 1 µs and up to 1000 fps with use of ROI for selected models
  • Easy, flexible integration even in tight spaces
  • Compact 40 × 40 mm housing with M3 mounts at each side
  • Cost-effective single-cable solution for reduced downtimes
  • X-coded M12 connector and PoE


Flexible cross-sector application solutions

Robust industrial cameras are used for the most diverse range of applications. Thanks to the comprehensive range of powerful IP 65 and IP 67 protected CCD and CMOS cameras with resolutions of up to 12 megapixel and image rates of up to 160 fps you profit from the advantages of industrial image processing.


Example: Gripper position monitoring in motor vehicle production

Industrial production

Example: 3D surface inspection of stamped metal part


Example: Completeness check of blister packs during production

Food & Beverage

Example: Food production completeness check

Transportation systems

Example: Inspection of railway overhead lines

Motion analysis

Example: Analysis of correct swimming action

Brochures / Catalogs                     EN (PDF | 3 MB)

Technical and Application Reports / White Paper

Technical Report – Industrial cameras particularly designed for robotics   EN (PDF | 201 KB)

Technical Report – A look back at the future: Machine Vision developments  EN (PDF | 654 KB)

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