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Let Integrys tackle your voip technology needs so you can focus on your business. You’re busy enough without having to track fast-moving technology and how these changes impact your business. That’s where Integrys can help.

We’re experts at managing telecom innovation. Our close relationships with telecom products manufacturers, and decades of telecom experience, allow us to stay abreast of change and manage it for you.

We’ll integrate a range of well-supported, off-the-shelf components from leading suppliers and create a solution that’s just right for you. Our high-quality, proven solutions let you launch new products and services faster to take advantage of early market revenues.

When you rely on Integrys to manage supply chains and keep your systems operating at optimum capacity, you’ll save time and money. And we’ll keep track of the components and software versions used, so repairs and upgrades won’t disrupt the rest of your system, or your end-customers. Integrys will identify seemingly routine upgrades that may cause problems for operation or supportability. That’s because we treat your business as if it were our own.

We know how important it is to innovate while protecting investments you’ve already made. Our solutions enable migration to new technology while working with what you have now. This lets you transition seamlessly to new standards without the high costs of a complete retrofit.

Our dedicated solutions engineers extend your team, providing a worry-free way to meet your voip technology needs. And—unlike other product reps and distributors—our in-house support ensures your new applications work with both legacy and current systems.