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MIP SDK Integration Development

Create applications and plug-ins for XProtect with the
Milestone Integration Platform Software Development Kit


The Milestone Integration Platform Software Development Kit (MIP SDK) is a comprehensive tool that makes it easy to create applications for Milestone XProtect® video management software (VMS).*

The development framework allows you to seamlessly integrate applications and systems from Milestone Solution Partners (MSPs), end customers or third-party vendors. These integrated solutions can be managed all together in the XProtect software. The open architecture of XProtect together with the MIP SDK allow for endless possibilities to add features and functionality for creating powerful, new surveillance solutions.

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MIP SDK Getting Started Guide

This guide serves as a point of reference for documentation and contains an introduction to the different ways of making integrations.

Download the MIP SDK and access the developer forum

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Need help with MIP SDK?
Use the link to find answers on MIP SDK development issues or post questions yourself.

What’s New in MIP SDK 2016 R3

A new version 2016 R3 of the MIP SDK is available with the release of the 2016 R3 versions of the Milestone XProtect VMS. Here are some of the highlights from the coming expansion of the MIP SDK.

XProtect® Access

Additions to the access control framework will enable partners with plugins for XProtect Access to handle 2-way synchronization of the state of alarms between the access control system and the XProtect VMS. The Demo Access Control Plugin sample has been updated to support 2-way synchronization of alarm states. The reference documentation for access control has been updated, and a new Introduction is available under ‘Plugin Integration’.

Hardware accelerated decoding

The ImageViewerControl has been updated to utilize hardware accelerated video display. This control will now utilize the GPU (Intel CPU with support for Quick Sync Video, GPU enabled in BIOS). This will have the same look and feel as in the Smart Client. It is possible to disable hardware acceleration via the EnvironmentOption. The VideoViewerQuality sample has been modified to illustrate more of the options available for the ImageViewerControl.
With the new version, it is possible to create Smart Client video overlays that use WPF elements, boosting performance by utilizing graphics hardware.

A world of innovative possibilities

  • Create powerful solutions: Use the MIP SDK to build on Milestone’s rich VMS capabilities to deliver new and innovative solutions, such as integrating business management systems directly into the software
  • NEW – Video and metadata support: Milestone Solution Partners can easily retrieve and use metadata and have them shown in XProtect Smart Client or in a separate application
  • Open and flexible integration architecture: MIP SDK supports three types of integration: basic protocol integration, component-based integration via .NET library and plug-in integration to embed plug-ins directly into the software

Short time-to-market

  • Easy-to-use development toolkit: Contains application and code samples, proven Milestone library and code components and Microsoft® Visual Studio project templates to help create new integrations
  • Developer support: Comprehensive developer tools, training and dedicated support ensure you have the help you need to get your integration to the market quickly

Extended market reach

  • Broad market reach: Get access to the well-known Milestone brand and broad channel network to distribute your integration to our large, worldwide customer base
  • Milestone Solution Partner program: A structured program that gives access to joint marketing activities to increase awareness of your integration
  • Wide compatibility: Integrations developed using the MIP SDK work seamlessly with Milestone products so you can deliver solutions to various market segments

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Using location metadata with the MIP SDK

Using location metadata with the MIP SDK
With Video Push in Milestone Mobile, users can push live video from the mobile device into Milestone software. The pushed video can correlate with its GPS position on the map feature, beneficial for documenting the location of the pushed video.