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Milestone XProtect Third-party video management software

Milestone XProtect® video management software integrates with a wide range of third-party software applications. To enable video solutions with IT infrastructure components, Milestone also partners with recognized hardware vendors. Together they can help solve all of your video system challenges. You can filter by XProtect software product, category, region or perform a free search.

Milestone Certified Solution
This distinction indicates that the solution has been certified with the Milestone XProtect Platform. The certification focuses on testing the solution’s functionality, performance impact and usability. The information in the Solution Finder has been derived from third-party sources and is provided to you “as is” by Milestone Systems. Milestone does not accept any responsibility or liability for the accuracy, content, completeness, legality or reliability of the information contained in the Solution Finder.


Bosch Access Professional Edition – XProtect® Access Plug-in

By Bosch
Milestone Certified Solution
Bosch Access Control Module Plug-in integration into Milestone XProtect® enables you to monitor, control, handle and analyze alarms for the entrances at your premises.

CentinelAccess Gateway & Plug-ins Integrated Solution – XProtect® Access Plug-in

By Trafic Transport Sûreté (TTS)
Milestone Certified Solution
CentinelAccess Gateway & Plug-ins Integrated Solution allows an effective and innovative way of managing access control with Milestone XProtect Suite.

DNA Fusion

By Open Options
Milestone Certified Solution
Open Options DNA Fusion is a complete IT-centric security solution that integrates access control software and a hardware system, with a seamless display of video from XProtect software.

ISONAS ACX – XProtect® Access Plug-in

By Isonas
Milestone Certified Solution
The ISONAS ACX XProtect® Access Control Module Plug-in allows the XProtect® Smart Client to act as the user client for both video and access control.

Milestone XProtect®– Lenel’s OnGuard

By Milestone Systems
Milestone Certified Solution
The Milestone XProtect – Lenel integration displays video associated with alarms from XProtect® Corporate in Lenel’s OnGuard interface.

Paxton Net2 Integration for XProtect® Access 2016

By Paxton Access Ltd
Milestone Certified Solution
Integrates access control users and events from the Net2 Access Control system by Paxton into the Milestone XProtect® product suite.

PROS Access Control Plugin

Milestone Certified Solution
XPR’s PROS Access Control Plugin integrates access control events from PROS CS access control system into the Milestone XProtect® product suite.

Software House C-Cure 9000

By Milestone Systems
Milestone Certified Solution
The integration enables users to view live and recorded video from XProtect software from inside the C-CURE user interface.

ACS Castle

By Agregator ltd.
Agregator is a system integrator and manufacturer of high-tech security equipment.

ACTEnterprise plugin for Milestone XProtect VMS

By Access Control Technology – ACT
ACT Enterprise Milestone plugin displays real-time access control events from ACT Enterprise into Milestone XProtect® product suite and sends voice commands directly from XProtect® to the doors.

AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller – XProtect® Access Plug-in

By Milestone Systems
AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller – XProtect® Access Control Module Plug-in is a non-proprietary access management platform open for third-party software integration. The PoE controller is installed by each door and data is automatically synchronized between the controllers in the system.

CardAccess 3000 software integrates with Milestone XProtect® VMS

By Continental Access
The Continental Access DVR Integration solution CardAccess 3000 provides consistent integration between the CA3000 Access Control software and the Milestone XProtect VMS.

Command Centre – Milestone Integration

By Gallagher Security Management Systems
The Gallagher Command Center – Milestone Integration integrates video footage, video alarms and events between Milestone and Gallagher Command Center. The integration also supports capable camera in identifying vehicle number plates and passing it on to Command Centre for access control.

CS Gold®

By The CBORD Group
The CBORD CS Gold® card access system sets a high standard for integrated ID card software. Its convergent applications, integration to Milestone System’s XProtect and easy-to-use graphical user interface makes CS Gold one of the most robust ID card systems available.

EtherWAN Industrial Solutions

By EtherWAN Systems Inc.
A low voltage network video surveillance system and SCADA integration. Milestone XProtect, as the video monitoring source, determines and delivers the suspected video to Monitoring Center, and synchronize video alarm through the integrated access control systems.

Exgarde PRO

EXgarde PRO integrates live and recorded video from Milestone XProtect® video management software (VMS) for real-time video verification, access records, intruder and fire event tracking so that the cause of events can be more easily detected.


By Rosslare Security Products
Integrates access control events from the ExpansE platform into XProtect® video management system and conversely passes video events from XProtect to the ExpansE platform.

ICT Protege GX

By Integrated Control Technology Limited
Combine the power of Protege GX with Milestone VMS to create a full-featured and cohesive solution. Seamless integration enables control of cameras, and the ability to view live and historical video footage from a single easy-to-use interface.

IDTECK Enterprise PLUS

Enterprise PLUS by IDTECK Co is a total security solution including Video surveillance, Access control and Time & Attendance. It is scalable to large-sized applications and offers a vast number of preference settings.

Integriti System Management Software

By Inner Range
The Inner Range and Milestone XProtect video management software (VMS) integration allows customers to integrate Inner Range access control and security equipment with any XProtect VMS over a fully featured interface.

iSOLUS Access Control Module – XProtect® Access Plug-in

By Solus Security Systems
Integrates access control events from iSOLUS Command Center into the Milestone XProtect® product suite and transmits video events from Milestone to iSOLUS Command Center.

Kaba Exos

By Pablo Niklas et Fils AS
The Kaba Exos Plug-in provides a complete solution for linking Kaba’s popular Exos access control and badge management system to XProtect® Video Management Software (VMS).

License Plate Recognition Solutions

By ConvergenceTP
The C2P LPR solution by ConvergenceTP seamlessly integrates License Plate Recognition from a wide range of solution providers into the Milestone VMS platforms.

Milestone XProtect® Smart Client – Lenel’s OnGuard

By Milestone Systems
The Milestone XProtect Smart Client – Lenel integration allows XProtect® Corporate and XProtect® Enterprise to monitor and display Lenel OnGuard events/alarms in the alarm list in XProtect Smart Client.


By App-Techs Corp.
MXPBridge communicates with third-party systems and submits their events into Milestone XProtect® for pertinent video alarm triggers, powerful search filters and unified control capabilities.

Nedap AEOS – Milestone XProtect® Access Plug-in

By Nedap N.V Security Management
The seamless integration between Nedap’s AEOS and Milestone XProtect® Access Plug-in brings two powerful technologies together in one unified user interface, namely the XProtect® Smart Client.

Netgenium audio, lighting and access control integration

By Netgenium Systems Limited
Netgenium manufactures IP speakers, LED lights and IP access control solutions that seamlessly integrate with Milestone XProtect® products. From the XProtect® Smart Client, users can talk to speakers, turn on/off light

P2000 Security Management System for Access Control

By Johnson Controls
Integration of the P2000 Security Management System for Access Control to the Milestone XProtect® VMS suite with the ability to retrieve video from the XProtect recording server and view on the P2000 web interface.

PAC® SecureNet™

By Stanley Security Solutions Ltd.
Seamlessly integrate Milestone XProtect into Pac SecureNet for full surveillance functionality.


R-Card M5

By RCO Security AB
R-CARD 5000, M5 Access Control System and MEGA module alarm system combine access control, a burglary and fire warning alarm into one integrated system compatible with XProtect® video management software (VMS).

S2 NetBox® – Access Control and Event Monitoring

By S2 Security
S2 NetBox provides enterprise-class access control, event and alarm monitoring, and integration with Milestone XProtect® Enterprise/Corporate/Professional video for a unified management and administration experience.

SecuRex S-ACC Series Access Control System – XProtect® Access Plug-in

By SecuRex Solution Ltd
SecuRex Access Control System (S-ACC) is a complete Enterprise Grade Access Control system, supporting patented scrambled encryption technology, and a full range of different card readers and biometric technologies.

Senstar FlexZone

By Senstar Corporation
Senstar’s Network Manager integration software seamlessly interfaces intrusion detection events from FlexZone, OmniTrax and other sensors to the XProtect Event Server via the Generic Event Handler and can direct associated cameras to the event location.

SiPass interface for Milestone XProtect® VMS products

By IDTec
ASE5400-MI is a server application that enables flexible integration between Milestone XProtect video management software and SiPass (Siemens)

Smart Access

By Feniva
SMART ACCESS is a small but powerful HDMI stick uploaded with XProtect® Mobile Client and managed from a wireless QWERTY Keyboard with a multi-touch pad. It connects directly into the monitor’s port and is the perfect tool to create a hotspot video survei

SmartProtect – Suprema Biostar

By Suprema Inc.
SmartProtect seamlessly integrates Suprema BioStar Software with Milestone XProtect video management software (VMS) to deliver and store access control events and alarms with video within Milestone XProtect SmartClient.


By AMAG Technology
Symmetry is a security management system that integrates access control, intrusion management and identity management with video displays from XProtect software.

TSMVI Services

By Spica International d.o.o
TSMVI offers a two-way integration of Time&Space access control system with Milestone XProtect, allowing the use of access control within XProtect VMS and video surveillance within Time&Space.


By Unitek A/S
The integration UniLock between UniLock access control and Miliestone XProtect® provides video verification of logged events in the access control system in an easy and time-saving manner, so that the operator is able to observe the events first hand.

Video + Module

By Sensor Access Technology Ltd
The Video + Module unites video surveillance, access control and alarm events in a single screen.


By DSX Access Systems Inc.
WinDSX integrates with XProtect to display live and recorded video linked to an alarm within the WinDSX application.

X.90 access control system -XProtect® Access Control Module Plug-in

By Matrix Research Limited
Integrate our X.90 access control system with Milestone Management Application and Smart Client. Synchronize all events and cardholders from X.90 to Milestone simultaneously. Inspect access control events live in the Milestone Smart Client.

XAtlas – Milestone XProtect® Access Plug-in

By Zucchetti Axess S.p.A.
XAtlas integration with XProtect® via the Milestone XProtect Access Control Module Plug-in allows complete control of the access control system directly from the XProtect® Smart Client interface.