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Photonfocus is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality CMOS image sensors, OEM camera modules and industrial cameras for sophisticated applications.

One can choose from the entire range of cameras with Photonfocus CMOS image sensors, from low-light to highly dynamic HDR image sensors. The strictly modular design of the camera systems opens up virtually unlimited possibilities for the individual configuration of application solutions for machine vision. The high degree of development expertise at Photonfocus makes the company one of the pioneers in embedded vision systems for high-resolution images of surroundings. Embedded processors and memory enable short scanning times and fast data processing directly in the camera system. The modular embedded vision solutions from Photonfocus can be used as all-in-one components for specific applications, or, alternatively, can easily be integrated with existing devices and systems.

As a pioneer in the development of software-defined camera platforms, the company continually pushes the boundaries in terms of image resolution, sensitivity and data processing. As a result, high-end camera systems from Photonfocus are not only used in industry and science, but also in professional elite sports, where a high degree of sensitivity is essential when performing measurements. Photonfocus has also opened up entirely new areas of application with groundbreaking developments in 3D and infrared technology and hyperspectral sensors.