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JAI AD-080GE Camera

JAI AD-080GE Camera


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JAI AD-080GE 2x 1024 x 768 1/3" 30 fps

Sale Price : CdN $500


JAI's AD-080GE is prism based 2-CCD progressive area scan camera capable of simultaneously capturing visible and near-infrared light spectrums through the same optical path using two individual channels.

The first channel has a Bayer mosaic color imager that captures visible light, while the second channel has a monochrome sensor for capturing near infrared light.

The AD-080GE camera is designed around Sony’s ICX-204AK & Sony ICX-204AL progressive scan CCD sensors (1024 x 768 pixels) delivering 30 frames per second in continuous operation. Using partial scan, the camera can achieve faster frame rates up to 85 fps. 

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