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Imperx ICL-B6620C-KF0 6600 x 4400 Kodak KAI-29050 43.3mm F-Mount Color Camera Link 29MP camera

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Imperx ICL-B6620C-KF0 6600 x 4400 Kodak KAI-29050  43.3mm  F-Mount Color Camera Link 29MP camera


The ICL-B6620 is an advanced high-speed progressive scan, fully programmable CCD camera designed for imaging applications that require high frame rates, high quality images, and powerful features and flexibility. The camera has a small size, light weight, and is built around Kodak’s KAI-29050 Interline transfer CCD image sensor with a 43.3 mm image diagonal. ICL-B4820 is available with CameraLink output.
The ICL-B6620 provides an image resolution of 6600 x 4400 and delivers up to 2.5 frames per second at full resolution. The camera image processing engine is based on a high-speed, high-density FPGA, featuring programmable resolution, speed, 8 independent AOIs, binning, triggering, exposure control, line and frame time, I/O mapping, external/internal sync, AGC, AEC, Auto Iris, transfer function correction, user LUT, Defective and Hot Pixel Correction (DPC, HPC), and Flat Field Correction (FFC)

Camera features
  • 6600/6576 x 4400/4384
  • Mono and color – 8/10/12/14-bit data
  • Normal and over-clock operation (1.8/2.5 fps)
  • Base CameraLink
  • Two dimensional Flat Field Correction
  • RS232 serial communication
  • Analog and digital gain and offset control
  • 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 8x horizontal and vertical binning
  • Eight (8) independent horizontal and vertical AOIs
  • Programmable horizontal and vertical resolution
  • Programmable line time, frame time and speed
  • Programmable external trigger:
  • Automatic gain, exposure and iris control
  • Internal/External exposure control
  • Internal/External H and V sync input/output
  • Left/right digital bit shift
  • Test image with image superimposition
  • Built in pulse generator
  • Programmable I/O mapping
  • Dynamic transfer function correction
  • Dynamic black level correction
  • Defective and hot pixel correction
  • Temperature monitor
  • Field upgradeable firmware, LUT, DPC, HPC, FCC


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