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GMS “MAKO” SG501 Military Low-Cost, Rugged, Ultra-Low-Power System

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The SG501 "Mako" is a low-cost, rugged, ultra-low-power, lightweight, Intel® Quad Core Atom™-based computer system utilizing standard PC I/O connectors for ease of use and lower cost. It is designed to provide the lowest power consumption possible in a fully ruggedized conduction-cooled module, operating from -20°C to +75°C (0°C to +55°C standard). The Mako is targeted for applications where an ultra-low-power, low-cost rugged computer is needed to provide the best possible performance per dollar and per watt, utilizing standard PC interconnects to provide easy interconnect to system I/O and user I/O. 

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Product Specifications

Computing Features
– Up to 2.0GHz Intel® Quad Core Atom™ processor with 2MB of L2 Cache
– Up to 4GB of 1333MHz DDR-3 SDRAM with ECC
– Up to 1TB high speed SSD for OS Boot
– Up to 1TB of sealed, removable nDrive™ for user storage (optional)

– 8MB of BIOS/user flash and 256B of FRU EEPROM

System I/O
– Standard off-the-shelf PC connectors 
– One Gigabit Ethernet port with onboard Magnetics
– One HDMI port for high-performance graphics with 2D/3D acceleration 
– One USB 3.0 port with power for high speed I/O
– Three USB 2.0 ports with power
– One serial port with RS-232/422/485 support and five optically isolated general purpose I/O lines
– One SAM™ site for custom I/O (Dual GigE, Wi-Fi, CANBus or user I/O)

– Full HD-audio support with onboard 1W mono amplifier

Additional Features
– One isolated I2c bus for additional sensors and low cost user I/O 
– Real time clock (RTC) and 3 timers
– Extensive built-in test (BIT) and extended BIT (EBIT) for diagnostics
– Ultra small, low cost, fanless system
– Pass/fail, power good, and user LED indicators  
– CPU temperature and voltage monitoring for safe operation
– Onboard power supplies for single 8-12VDC input power
– External power conditioning module (PCM) for dirty power 16-36VDC (optional)
– Available in a solar-powered version for true stand-alone operations
– Support for Windows®, Linux® and VMware®

– CE Mark and FCC compliant


– Ultra-low SWaP only 5.5" x 3.5" x 1.7" @ 2 lbs. and under 10W average
– Operates at standard temp. 0°C to +55°C or extended temp. of -20°C to +75°C

– Available in GMS ruggedization levels R1-R3


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