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GMS “ATOM” XPC40X Military Rugged, Ultra-Small, Ultra-Low-Power Intel® Atom™ CPU SBC Computing Features

GMS “ATOM” XPC40X Military Rugged, Ultra-Small, Ultra-Low-Power Intel® Atom™ CPU SBC Computing Features


The XPC40X Atom is a rugged, low cost, ultra-low power, lightweight, Atom™ based computer system. It is designed to provide the lowest power consumption possible in a fully ruggedized, air or conduction cooled module, operating over a full -40°C to +85°C. The Atom is targeted for applications where an ultra-low power, low cost rugged computer is needed to provide the best possible performance per dollar per watt, utilizing high-density, low cost, rugged interconnects to provide easy interconnect to system I/O and user I/O.

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Product Specifications

Computing Features
– 1.6GHz Intel® Atom™ processor with 512KB of L2 Cache
– Up to 2GB of 533MHz DDR-2 SDRAM

– Up to 512GB GB high-speed SSD (lose one express mini site)

System I/O
– High performance graphics with 2D and 3D acceleration
– Five USB 2.0 ports 
– One serial port with RS232/422/485 support
– Two SAM™ Sites – x1 PCI Express buses for additional I/O
– One 8bit secure digital I/O / MMC port for custom I/O
– One SATA (3Gb/s) port for external storage devices (optional)
– One 10/100 Fast Ethernet port with onboard magnetics
– Eight buffered general purpose I/O lines
– Support for two express mini cards for Wi-Fi, CANBus or user I/O
– 24bit LVDS for direct connection to LCD displays
– I2C bus for user I/O devices and system health monitoring

Additional Features
– DVI-D video with resolutions up to 1280×1024 @ 85Hz (optional)
– 1MB of BIOS/user Flash and 256B of FRU EEPROM 
– Real time clock (RTC) and 3 timers
– Pass/fail, power good and user LED indicators 
– CPU temperature and voltage monitoring for safe operation
– Onboard power supplies for single 5-12VDC input power
– Available in a solar powered version for true stand-alone operations 
– Support for Windows®, Linux® and VMware®
– Available in commercial, industrial or fully rugged versions
– Fully operates from -40°C to +85°C at full load with no throttling

– Size: 3.5” x 2.5” x .5”
– Weight: Under 1 lb.

– Power: Under 10W


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