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Canada’s top aerospace manufacturers rely on us to understand the special demands of supporting equipment deployed on a global scale in a highly-regulated environment. Assets that are 30 or 40 years old need constant care and upgrades to meet changing performance and safety standards.

Integrys routinely works within these constraints, bringing together 50 years of experience, and the resources of leading aerospace electronics producers.

Integrys has deep in-house expertise, close and exclusive arrangements with manufacturers, and access to supplier support networks. So we can ensure your project gets the attention it needs. For high- or low-volume runs, we select components, integrate technology, and engineer backward compatibility—all within unique form factors applicable to the aerospace industry.

Our aerospace experience means we understand:

  • FAA, European Aerospace Authority, and other requirements.
  • Non-standard compatibility issues.
  • The critical importance of reliability.
  • Unique form factor demands.
  • As-built documentation, traceability, and version control needs.

Integrys is the ideal partner for your challenging environment. We’ll provide solutions that will help you incorporate new, compliant, high-value technology at an affordable cost, so that you can manage your budget while making the transition.

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